November, 2014

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Grab More Attention with Interactive Images


Kerry Sweeney

Images reassure searchers that you're who you say you are. They tell visitors they have arrived at the right location. They can be entertaining and they are exceptionally shareable. Most of your competitors are doing the bare minimum when it comes to optimizing images for greater traffic. If you want to shine, you need to do more. read more

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hire Family or Friends to Design Your Website


Leif Parcell

As a business owner, you're constantly making decisions about where to invest resources and where to cut costs. Without a deep understanding of marketing, design and SEO, it may seem like your website is a good place to save money. Before gambling with your reputation, you may want to consider these lessons many clients learned the hard way prior to hiring a professional firm! read more

Are You Blogging Enough?


Fred Lebhart

Even if you write a simple personality profile to celebrate a new addition to your team, blog content is a useful tool to mold and cultivate your brand's image while adding a human touch. read more

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