April, 2016

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Using Web Forms to Grow Your Business


Fred Lebhart

Today's businesses have an almost countless number of online marketing tools at their disposal. One of the most important and effective of these is the relatively simple web form. Simple, however, does not mean easy when it comes to learning how to most efficiently leverage online web forms... read more

eCommerce Trends To Jump On Right Now


Leif Parcell

It's hard to believe, but we've been buying things online for well over a decade. Still, trends in eCommerce and online shopping are changing all the time, as customers develop new habits and methods of discovery. If your online store hasn't been updated since the days of Web 2.0, it's probably time to look into what you could be doing differently—and what others are doing read more

How to Budget for a Web Redesign


Fred Lebhart

You and your team have decided that your current website isn't quite cutting it. It's looking a bit drab and could use a makeover. It's great you've realized it and are ready to do something about it, but now comes the hard part: coming up with a budget for your website redesign can be more difficult than you initially expected. read more

Mason County Public Utility District's New Site Is Live!


Fred Lebhart

Did you know that Washington State has 23 PUDs (Public Utility Districts) that provide electricity for almost 700,000 customers? In addition to electricity, they also provide water, sewer and wholesale telecommunications services. Mason PUD 3 serves Mason County and provides a wholesale fiber optic telecommunications network to support the operation of its electricity system. read more

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