February, 2015

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Targeted Search Marketing Based on User Intent


Fred Lebhart

When users search for items on Google, the intent of the search determines the results shown. Although Google is getting better at determining intent, if a search term is not specific enough, Google simply throws out results for several potential intentions. Users then refine their search times to narrow down what it is they seek. read more

Dental Implant Solutions' Brand New Site is Live!


Kiley Martin

Dr. Hodges of Dental Implant Solutions was looking for a fresh and modern site to help build his online presence. He wanted to be able to display his services, important patient information, and other resources to help clients feel comfortable... read more

Center for Weight Loss Surgery's New and Improved Responsive Website is Live!


Marc Takeuchi

Center for Weight Loss Surgery wanted an updated and refreshed website that was friendly, inviting and also included clear calls to action and information on their surgeries and procedures. In addition to upgrading the look and feel, the site was build on our FusionCMS (Website Content Management System) so they can easily update their site on their own. read more

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