September, 2010

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Fred Lebhart

Web Design, Social Media & Company Culture: Your Brand

Brand image is an your organizations fingerprint, the unique imprint left on their customers, employees, and community. By executing some branding fundamentals you can greatly increase your company's presence in the market and you may be surprised at how quickly your investment is returned, and then some. read more

Fred Lebhart

Considering a bargain basement website?

Considering a bargain basement website? : In today's business environment, every company needs an effective website. And if youre a small business with a limited budget, a low-cost solution may be tempting. But what if your website was a real-life salesperson? read more

efelle media

U.S. Small Business Facts

The small business failure rate is not near that bad. And if you got the impression that small businesses are a small part of the U.S. economy, again ... wrong. Many analysts say small businesses are the engine of the American economy and the best bet for pulling us out of the current economic doldrums read more

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