April, 2013

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New Chamber of Commerce Web Design Project Start
Amanda Eldreth

New Chamber of Commerce Web Design Project Start

The Covington Chamber of Commerce's mission is to enhance the demand for business in the community. Located just 25 miles southeast of Seattle, Covington has an active and growing business community. The Covington Chamber of Commerce offers members an opportunity to grow their business by providing a platform to develop relationships and partnerships. read more

Jessica Bryant

Take Control of Time Spent on Social Network Marketing

Spend too little time investing in social media, and you risk losing touch with your audience. Spend too much time on it, and you'll overwhelm your audience with content they don't need. You'll also waste time you could have spent on running your business. Use these tips to develop a time management plan that works best for your social networking marketing strategy. read more

Kerry Sweeney

Website Search Engine Optimization: Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Bing and Yahoo

Google has been top dog for search engines since anyone can remember. As of now, Google owns over 65 percent of the search engine market. It's so ubiquitous that the company's name is now the verb we use to describe the process of using a search engine. Just as Band-Aid is the term most people use for an adhesive bandage, Google is a household brand name. The thing with brands though, is that they tend to sit back and ride on their fame. Sooner or later, the competition catches up. That's just what's happening with Google now.d read more

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