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March, 2012

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Fred Lebhart

On March 30th, all Facebook business pages will switch to the new timeline format. Facebook's new layout is a positive change that will allow for more customization in the future. Many brands have already embraced the new features and introduced their improved pages, but if you haven't, here are 7 tips to keep in mind... read more


Fred Lebhart

Is your Seattle law firm making any of these SEO mistakes? Major search engines, such as Google, have so-called spiders that crawl websites to determine what they're about. These spiders review not only the visible content on a web page, but also the meta tags (i.e., title, description, and keyword tags), which provide further information. read more


Fred Lebhart

Sooner or later, you're bound to need a website redesign - there are several signs indicating that your site might be due for a redesign. Perhaps you lose a prospective deal to one of your competitors and wonder if your outdated website is to blame... read more

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