February, 2013

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Kerry Sweeney

While most websites do a good job of designing for usability and have made user-friendly mobile versions, few realize how important it is to target design elements towards the most valuable visitors: those most likely to covert to customers. So, how do you tweak your website to speak to those customers, engage their interests and cover them to paying customers? First, you need to know who to target. read more


Jessica Bryant

RenewAlliance is the exclusive distributor of LAC® Taut in North America, a collagen replenishment formula, which sources innovative products worldwide that help the body renew itself. LAC's brand philosophy is to deliver premium supplements that offer proven benefits to customers. LAC's principles of uncompromising quality start with the most stringent selection process of GMP-certified manufacturers who comply with strict quality controls on ingredient sourcing, manufacturing and labeling processes. read more

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