April, 2016

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Do You Really Need an App?


Amanda Eldreth

While apps are widely seen as the next level for most companies, when your boss asks if you should consider developing one, the short answer is that you probably don't need it, so long as your site is friendly enough for mobile users. read more

Five Reasons Mobile Analytics Matter


Marc Takeuchi

An essential component of any online marketing strategy is hard, user-driven data. Without it, online marketers are flying blind and are forced to make vague educated guesses about the effectiveness of their online marketing strategy. With an increasing amount of online activity now coming via mobile devices and the applications that run on them, the ability to quantify how customers are responding is vital to formulating a successful long-term strategy. read more

The One Thing You Shouldn't Hack: Your Content Marketing Strategy


Catarina Guevara

Scrolling through Facebook, it's likely that your news feed is full of "hacks." Ranging from quick and easy recipes to design or organizational ideas that make it look so simple, hacks are usually simplified or creative ways to tackle unpleasant or labor-intensive tasks. Peeling garlic? Just put it in a jar and shake it. Too cheap for boot trees? Use a pool noodle! read more

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