February, 2017

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What Do You Say To Your Customer After The Sale?


Fred Lebhart

In marketing, we tend to focus on the end result: conversion. But if your marketing campaigns—and especially your content marketing—ends after the product has been shipped, you may be missing out on some huge opportunities, both for developing repeat customers and drumming up the kind of word-of-mouth that money can't buy. read more

Seattle's Own Dr. Lamperti's Redesigned Website is Now Live!


Marc Takeuchi

Thomas Lamperti, MD is an Ivy League-trained, double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Seattle, Washington. With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Lamperti has patients fly in from all over in order to receive his hands-on, one-on-one plastic-surgery experience. read more

WA's Largest Independently Owned Roofing Supplier Launches Website!


Adrianna Ovnicek

Washington Cedar & Supply serves as the largest independently owned roofing distributor in the state of Washington. With locations in Everett, Bremerton, Auburn, Tumwater, Tacoma, and a new location in Longview, Washington Cedar offers a wide variety of roofing product throughout the state. Local, professional, and experienced in roofing, Washington Cedar offers a one stop shop and delivery for contractors, as well as roofing information, three referrals, and help answering any questions from anything involving the most durable materials to staying within HOA regulations. read more

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