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Talk Like an efellian: Glossary of Common Web Terms


Adrianna Ovnicek

Each industry has its own shorthand and web design and development is no different. If it sometimes sounds like our team is speaking another language, here's a little glossary breaking down some of the words and phrases we get asked about all the time. read more

Why You Need to Care About Web Accessibility


Courtenay Adams

At efelle creative, we prioritize accessibility—ie, making our websites usable for all users. I recently sat down with Mat Harris—front-end web developer and resident accessibility nerd—to discuss the ins and outs of accessibility. read more

Top 10 SEO Mistakes Found on Law Firm Websites


Tessa Wuertz

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at efelle revolve around SEO. In the spirit of making the internet a better place, we've compiled a list of the biggest offenses we find on law firm websites related to SEO and what to do about them. read more

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