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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on May 31, 2019

14 Tips to Create A Landing Page that Converts

14 Tips to Create A Landing Page that Converts

Is your digital marketing strategy using landing pages to increase leads?

Whether it's for an service business or an eCommerce store, there’s tons of options on how to use a landing page. Whether it’s offering a free consultation with an eBook download at your law firm or including a “summer sale” in your eCommerce store or just a blog post about a crucial part of your business -- there’s tons of options and landing pages are a great way to optimize your marketing strategy.

What is a landing page?

In marketing, landing pages are most often used as a place for a customer to be sent after clicking on an advertisement or email. You know when you get an email about a sale at your favorite store and when you click it brings you to a page telling you all about the sale and showing off the products for it? Most often those are landing pages -- used to track the effectiveness of the ad or email as well as optimize the sales funnel.

1. Make Your Content Relevant

Don’t unintentionally bait and switch your potential customers. Make sure it’s easy to understand how they got to the landing page from the ad or email and keep the entire message consistent.

2. Segment Your Audience

When it comes to your ads, make sure you’re sending them to the right place. Drive traffic through multiple sources if you’ve got different objectives for different audiences. This can be done by targeted ads that link to specific pages.

3. Keep Content to a Minimum

Keep your writing concise and to the point and make it easy for the user to understand. Put your most important content and call to action above the folder and allow the user to search for more detail rather than bombarding them with it all at once.

4. Reiterate Calls to Action

If you’re providing more information throughout the page, try to repeat your core message and the call to action to reinforce the purpose of the page. Once they’ve passed the initial call to action above the fold, create another option further down since it may take more time for them to be convinced to convert.

5. Experiment with A/B Testing

Whether it’s adding a video or changing the color of your call to action button, try A/B testing to your landing page to learn more and optimize for the next round. You might find that those who had a video on the page tended to convert more often than those who didn’t get the video. That is not only great that you converted those users but also lets you know that video can be a solid strategy in the future.

6. Add Testimonials

Most often landing pages are used to get new customers or clients. That means you have to build trust with them and one of our favorite ways to do that is through testimonials. Include 2-3 testimonials on your landing page specifically referring to what you are selling on the landing page.

7. Keep SEO In Mind

Your landing page will link back to your home website and allow for you to gain SEO. That means you should include clearly defined headers, long tail keywords, and optimized to be found.

8. Conduct Quality Analysis Testing

Whether you’re sending off an email or having your user fill out a form to download a book, make sure that you have someone else test out the system. Try out every link, fill out the form, and check it on different browsers to be certain everything is working properly.

9. Keep Branding Consistent

Make sure that your page looks like the rest of your website. It can obviously offer some differentiation and while landing pages should allow for some creativity, users should feel comfortable moving from your landing page back to say, your homepage or a product page.

10. Make Sure It’s Mobile Optimized

I know we sound like a broken record, but 69% of online traffic is now mobile and if your landing page is not, you’re going to miss out on a huge part of your audience. Make sure your imagery and content are easy to see and read, and make sure your CTA buttons are easy to press through a touch screen device.

11. Include Your Contact Info

Especially when a new user is clicking to the landing page from an ad, it’s important to clearly display the name of your company and it’s contact info to build trust with your audience.

12. Have A Form? Optimize that Too

If you’re a service business using a landing page, most often the goal is to get someone to reach out to you. Using a form can be a great way to capture data about the lead while also providing them a benefit (i.e. free consultation, eBook download, free Whitepaper) but it should be easy to understand and minimal work on behalf of the user. Remove unnecessary fields, make sure the benefit is clear and make sure it is easy to read and fill out.

13. Keep it Simple

Your overall strategy should be straight forward. With your landing page you should have one goal that you are reaching towards -- don’t offer the user multiple options -- as we mentioned earlier, reiterate your call to action.
In terms of design and content, that should be simple too. You only have a few seconds to get the attention of your user and within those few seconds you want them follow through with your call to action.

14. Have a Game Plan

So if someone fills out your form what’s next? Make sure you know what the plan is, how the account is being handled, and who’s taking care of the potential customer. Make sure everyone on your sales team as well as your receptionist know you’re publishing a landing page so that if someone calls in, everyone is on the same page and knows how to move forward.

Landing pages are a great tool to optimize your inbound marketing strategy. With a great CMS or system like Hubspot, you’re able to create landing pages easily as well as test, update, and replicate from there. These pages hold a lot of potential and can really increase your conversion rates as long as you’re ready to put in the work.

Ready to Increase Your Leads Through a Landing Page? Not Sure Where to Start?

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