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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on June 10, 2019

3 Marketing Pain Points for Law Firms & How to Fix Them

3 Marketing Pain Points for Law Firms & How to Fix Them

Overcoming your marketing challenges for your law firm may be easier than you think

Working as a midsize law firm offers such a sweet spot that many clients crave - you have the staff and ability to work on larger cases, while also offering a personal touch and one on one help for your clients. Yet, as we talk to our clients, we often see the same three pain points come up; showing credibility, dealing with seasonality demand, and lack of resources. We went more in depth to explore these issues and strategized the best solutions to a few of these problems.

1. Credibility

The Problem:  When your firm doesn’t always have available personnel to attend the big conference or spend time networking during the week, it can sometimes feel like you’re not doing enough to find the right clients. The bottom line is that you are probably an extremely capable firm that does a great job on providing representation and consultation to your clients -- you just have to be able to show it.

The Solution: Build up your credibility with networking, LinkedIn, and having a solid web presence. There are tons of lists you can be added to for legal events and conferences, LinkedIn groups to join to help with networking. In terms of your website, we recommend a clean and mobile-responsive website that clearly shows off your services, gives you a place to show off your cases, and build credibility with the growing audience you have who are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet.

2. Seasonality

The Problem: Every business goes through different seasons and law firms are no different. Depending on your type of practice, it’s easy to feel like your business can dry up in certain parts of the year and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The Solution: Search Engine Optimization tactics. Every website we create includes an SEO audit and onsite implementation. This not only optimizes your current site but gives you a list of keywords to move forward with for ongoing marketing that we can assist with or you can try yourself. We find the list to be extremely helpful for legal firms to begin their work for ongoing SEO practices.

We also recommend embracing this time and really leaning into the opportunity to do a bit of figurative spring cleaning. When you’re busy, some less crucial things can be brushed under the rug.  Take some time to write that white paper, schedule a photoshoot for your staff, perform an onsite SEO audit, or attend that skills training seminar. 

3. Lack of Resources

The Problem: At your size maybe you’ve got the ability to hire another team member, but it makes much sense for it to be a paralegal or even law clerks rather than a marketing person.

As a result, your marketing often gets put on the back burner, effectively delaying your team's growth plan until next month, next quarter, next year... Is that what the board of directors wants to see? This chicken and egg situation puts you in a tough spot that can stunt your growth.

The Solution: Make the resources you have work for you. Rather than trying to do a little bit of marketing in a few areas, try and channel your energy into your best performing marketing area. Most often we recommend something like a website because when built correctly, it can be your best sales, marketing, and customer service team member all in one.

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