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Rebecca Ossello Posted by Rebecca Ossello on August 22, 2019

Check Out Our New D2C eCommerce Website For Cathy's Concepts

Check Out Our New D2C eCommerce Website For Cathy's Concepts

We’ve launched A New D2C eCommerce Website for Cathy’s Concepts

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new website for Cathy’s Concepts! Cathy’s is a leading manufacturer and shipper of personalized wedding gifts, accessories, and fine goods. 

Cathy’s Concepts distributes to huge manufacturers like Nordstrom, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Wayfair. The team at Cathy’s wanted to strengthen their brand name and reach new customers that weren’t being catered to, and convert clients that are looking for a D2C company. 

Expanding B2B to D2C

Since starting the business in 1988, Cathy’s Concepts has worked primarily as a B2B retailer, so this site is the first time they are selling directly to consumers. The previous Cathy’s Concepts site was informational and provided contacts for distributors and told a little bit about the company, but did little to tell the story and connect directly with the consumer.

When it came to choosing the best platform for Cathy’s Concepts, we worked with them to find a system that they’d be able to scale with, and include specific functionality for personalization. We ended up going with the BigCommerce platform as it allowed for them to integrate with their desired systems, as well as grow with them. Since Cathy's Concepts has a strong following, we are prepared for heavy site traffic that will continually grow as awareness of the D2C site grows. 

The site is integrated with Distribution one via CLORAS so that their distribution and inventory data were seamlessly integrated throughout the site.  

Design & Strategy 

We began the process by having an in-depth design discussions with the Cathy’s team to understand where they wanted to take the design. Since they have been looking to expand for awhile, they had clear ideas of how they wanted to move forward, which allowed the design process to move forward smoothly and quickly. 

We also created Brand Personas for the Cathy’s Concepts target market. This allowed us to understand how the users would use, find, and browse the website. From there we made design decisions as well as ongoing marketing recommendations for the team. 

Our homepage offers a modular functionality so that Cathy's can toggle different aspects of the homepage on and off, depending on the season, what their focus is, and how they want to direct their consumers. 

Customily Integration 

Monogramming and personalization are a huge part of what sets Cathy’s Concepts apart. We wanted the user experience to be as interactive as possible so we implemented Customily onto the product pages of the site. This app allows for custom styled personalization options as well as the user to fully customize the product before purchasing including embroidering, foil stamped,  engravings in wood and glass.


Ongoing Optimization for Their D2C Business

Based on our SEO Audit we saw that there were a lot of opportunities for remarketing, PPC, and display ads for Cathy’s Concepts. In preparation for the launch we designed and prepared assets and configured the Google Analytics account to push ads when the site launched. 

We look forward to continuing to partner with the Cathy’s team to optimize their site and grow their business. 

How do you go from selling only B2B to D2C?

We can help. Our experienced eCommerce team has helped many businesses take the step to sell directly to their consumers. Call us at 206.384.4909 or fill out our contact form to give us more info.