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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on October 21, 2020

efelle and Fast Announce Strategic Partnership to Improve eCommerce Conversions and Revenue

efelle and Fast Announce Strategic Partnership to Improve eCommerce Conversions and Revenue

Digital Marketing agency efelle creative enters partnership with leading 1-click checkout startup to optimize eCommerce conversion rates

Fast, the world’s fastest online login and checkout experience enables one-click eCommerce purchases on every site, device and platform. With Fast Checkout, buyers can complete online purchases in two seconds and sellers can add one-click checkout to their stores in minutes.

Earlier in March, Fast raised a $20 million Series A round led by Stripe, aiming to modernize the nearly 30-year-old eCommerce industry.In September, Fast launched its marquee one-click Fast Checkout product and announced a strategic partnership with BigCommerce. Since launch, hundreds of merchants have signed up to add Checkout to their online stores.

Who Is Fast?

eCommerce sales have grown by more than 30% since COVID-19 began, and the industry is predicted to grow 18% in 2020. But many businesses are not prepared to handle this influx, or only recently pivoted to running an online store. Fast Checkout enables businesses of all sizes to access one-click checkout that makes online purchases easier and faster for their customers.

The story of its founding boils down to an experience most of us have had or seen firsthand. Co-Founder and CEO Domm Holland watched his wife’s grandmother struggle to buy groceries due to the numerous steps required to complete a purchase: create an account, enter delivery and billing address, key in credit card information, opt-in for marketing. It's all just way harder than it needs to be. Right then and there, Holland decided to fix it.

Holland is joined by Allison Barr Allen, Fast’s Co-founder and COO, who previously led product operations for Uber’s Money team. With her deep domain expertise in large-scale global payments, Allison envisions Fast to bring new forms of frictionless, digital payments to market at scale. From the sellers’ perspective, Fast is quick to install and delivers a superior shopping experience, which increases conversion, boosts sales and keeps customers happy. From the buyers’ perspective, Fast lets buyers skip the headache of recovering passwords and filling out long entry forms.  Buyers’ data is protected by best-in-class safety and technology.


How does Fast checkout work for eCommerce?

The first time a person makes a purchase at any site that uses Checkout, they simply enter their contact information and payment details in a simple, one-page form. From that one purchase, they are automatically signed up and can use one-click checkout at any store powered by Fast Checkout, regardless of device or browser, and without a password.

Post-purchase, Fast provides buyers a convenient one-stop-shop to manage their purchases, keep track of the deliveries, and re-order items in one-click, eliminating the need to hunt through old emails or contact customer support representatives.

Why has efelle creative partnered with Fast?

Over our 15 years of experience in the web world, we’ve seen that the traditional checkout can often be a hassle for customers, causing them to drop off from their purchase at the last minute. This can be insanely frustrating if you’ve spent marketing dollars on advertising and implemented conversion tactics all to be wasted just because of a bad checkout experience. We’re excited to offer Fast as a checkout option for our clients to help further optimize their stores and find yet another way to increase conversion rates.

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