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Haley Weaver Posted by Haley Weaver on July 26, 2018

efelle creative Partners with BigCommerce to Launch New Online Store for Taylor Shellfish

efelle creative Partners with BigCommerce to Launch New Online Store for Taylor Shellfish

Oysters and Geoduck and Clams, Oh My! Taylor Shellfish Is Cooking Up a New Online Shopping Experience

When long-time client Taylor Shellfish returned to efelle with the goal of improving their website’s eCommerce experience, our team knew instantly that BigCommerce’s platform would best suit their needs.

Prior to this eCommerce upgrade, our team had already paired up with Taylor Shellfish to provide their business with a user-friendly, award-winning website featuring an eye-grabbing masthead video, stunning screen-wide imagery, easy-to-access location information, and more. By boosting the site’s functionality with the BigCommerce engine, we took an already top-notch site one step further.

Design and Experience Successes

Working with one of our own designs made it easy to carry over the look and feel of the original website to the BigCommerce build. Our team seamlessly integrated the color palette, font varieties, and general layout and flow to the new store pages.

Category pages open on a clean, responsive grid design that can be toggled to a list view featuring brief descriptions of each product. On hover, products receive separation from the surrounding white space via a rectangular outline with a sophisticated drop-shadow effect.

A striking all-caps font adds polish and separation to product names, and each overview page closes on an eye-grabbing call to action, encouraging viewers to reach out to the Taylor Shellfish team or learn more about their efforts toward sustainability.


The product pages feature vivid gold “Add to Cart” buttons and information fields that sit just below the purchase button for easy access and reading. Users can quickly click between “Description” and “Shipping” to receive full information about the product in question.

Development Outcomes and the Move to BigCommerce

Given our objective of transferring the store from one platform to another, it was imperative that the user experience stay true to the original user path.


BigCommerce was a great choice for this task for a number of reasons:

  • The BigCommerce platform allowed us to streamline and simplify the checkout process, all while giving us the ability to add a critical feature to Taylor Shellfish’s store: delivery scheduling (if you’re ordering fresh seafood, you’re going to want to be able to choose what day it’ll show up on your doorstep).
  • Using BigCommerce ensured we could preserve mobile responsivity for each category and product page. The BigCommerce purchase process is also mobile friendly.
  • The BigCommerce platform made it easy for us to add product search tools to the site, as well as to incorporate filtering options on product pages.
  • By drawing on our previous experience with BigCommerce (we’re Elite Partners, you know), we were able to stay flexible with the site design, all while capitalizing on the power and functionality of the BigCommerce platform. We built the Taylor Shellfish primary site on our own FusionCMS platform, bringing in global elements—calls to action, header and footer navigation menus, etc.—to BigCommerce store pages for optimal consistency and user flow. Win, win.

Ready to Team Up with efelle creative and BigCommerce to Reel in an eCommerce Success Story of Your Own?

Our team of creatives has the experience and skill to tackle complex eCommerce store builds and remodels, helping online retail businesses school the competition. By pairing our own proprietary FusionCMS with the powerful eCommerce engine behind BigCommerce, our team can make your company’s website powerful, easy to use, and easy to update. Net yourself a brand new website by reaching out to our team today. Call us at 206.384.4909 or reach out online using our contact form.