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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on December 11, 2019

Emails to End the Holiday Season Strong

Emails to End the Holiday Season Strong

Email Ideas for eCommerce Businesses for the Holidays

We are almost to the big day - meaning the crazy holiday shopping season is almost over. With that in mind, it’s important to keep your customers engaged with your business, and one of the best ways to do this is through your email newsletters. Here’s five great emails to put in your queue to send out.

1. Last date to ship

One of the most important emails to send is letting people know the last dates they can order from your site so that they can get their products in time for Christmas. Look online at your shipping company’s recommendations, consider offering overnight options, and offer in-store pick-up if you have brick and mortar store.

Send this one out ahead of time so people have time to plan and make their final orders.

2. Holiday hours update

Whether you’re open extra hours, you have shortened hours on the holidays, are closed between Christmas and New Years, or you’re up and running all hours, let people know! Send out an email that clearly notes the hours so people know when they can shop!

A bonus idea is creating a landing page on your site that shares the info on your hours to post on social media and send out to clients when customers inevitably ask about it.

3. Final Product Recs

As it gets closer to the end of the shopping season, people will always scramble to find gifts for the extra people on their list. Now’s the time to offer your product as an option! Do you have gift-cards? What about your best-seller? Sending ideas out to your clients at the end of the shopping cycle can be really helpful for them in their time of need.

4. Return policy / "Don't Love It?" 

Let’s face it, people don’t always love what they bought in person or a gift that was bought for them. Let them know how you handle returns, whether it’s through exchanges, store credit, or a straight return, make your policy clear and easy to find.

5. Thanks

At the end of the day it’s important to thank those who have supported your business the past year. It doesn’t have to be any bit of promotional, just a genuine thank you to your customers.

eCommerce Holiday Strategy is Crucial

Keeping up with your current and potential clients is important, especially throughout the end of Q4. Sending a few emails can help end your season strong and give you a great platform to start off the new year. Good luck - you're almost to the end!