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Colin Griffiths Posted by Colin Griffiths on November 13, 2015

Google's Customer Match and What it Means for Marketers

Google's Customer Match and What it Means for Marketers

Google’s new Customer Match allows businesses to target consumer emails

With the millions of consumers crawling the web in search of products and services, Google gives brands an additional way to connect with their customers and gain some new ones. Growing numbers of consumers expect accurate, immediate and relevant results, and successful brands are those that can deliver.

Advertisers can now target ads against customer-owned data through Google AdWords’ new feature, Customer Match.

Customer Match allows advertisers to upload their customer email address lists into AdWords and from these lists, businesses can build ads and campaigns specifically designed to reach their target audience.

According to Google, 70% of online consumers agree that quality, timing and relevance of a brand’s message will influence their opinion of the brand. Now, Google can help businesses reach customers they already have relationships with, such as customers in reward programs or those who frequently purchase from their business, in ways that are most significant to their purpose.

 “Whether they’re searching on Google, checking promotions on Gmail, or watching videos on YouTube, we can deliver the most relevant information based on what they’re doing, wherever they are, when they’re looking, and on any device they’re using. Today, we’re building on these capabilities with new ads innovations to deliver even more relevance.” - Google

Customer Match is a new product designed to help businesses reach their highest-valued customers on Google Search, Gmail and YouTube. Customer Match, can also generate “Similar Audiences” in order to reach and connect with new customers on Gmail and YouTube who are likely to be interested in your services or products.

With Google Customer Match, businesses can:

  • Generate awareness with customers that are likely to be interested in a service or product based on past behavior
  • Utilize valuable customer data to customize messaging in marketing campaigns
  • Develop upsell or cross-selling strategies based on past purchases
  • Leverage past customer behavior to promote repeat purchases and increase loyalty

A Few Tips on How to Utilize Google Customer Match

Upload Email Addresses – Upload your list of email addresses in AdWords under the ‘Audiences’ tab. Google currently requires the customer email lists to have a minimum of 1000 email addresses.

Verify Emails with Google – For each list uploaded, Google will verify or match the email addresses with the users’ primary Google account email address. 

Generate Similar Audiences – Matching Google accounts are then generated into an audience list, which is ready for targeting. Businesses can then generate similar audience lists to reach new customers on Gmail and YouTube who are likely to be interested in their services or products.

Duplicate and Hashed Emails – Google does not require businesses to use hashed emails.  All email addresses will be uploaded via SSL. Emails that don’t match a Google account email addresses or duplicates are ignored and the file is deleted after matching.

Customer Match will help ensure that your brand is in the right place, at the right time with the right message.

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