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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on December 13, 2017

efelle's Holiday Gift Guide, with Ideas for Everyone on your List!

efelle's Holiday Gift Guide, with Ideas for Everyone on your List!

The year’s coming to a close and Christmas shopping is in full swing. It's also that time of year when you have to figure out what to get all the people in your life... and it's never as easy as you would hope.

But no fear, we are here to help! Another wonderful part of working in so many different verticals is our ability to learn all about what different businesses have to offer (and check off a couple things on our lists a little early). 

Here’s our gift guide for every type of person in your life.

The Foodie

Sometimes it’s tough to choose a gift for that friend who loves food, but with the plethora of options in the Seattle area, we know of some really unique ideas for that hungry friend. Whether it’s simply a gift card to the new local hotspot Otter Bar, or shipping them top of the line steaks for Churchill’s, or giving them the one of a kind experience of shucking oysters with Taylor Shellfish, they’ll be happy.


Shucker's Pack 

Be the ultimate shucker with our Shuckers pack.  Get a Shuck, Slurp, Repeat T-shirt, our signature oyster knife and 40 pieces of our famous Shigoku oysters.  Excellent as a gift for the oyster lover in your life!

Check it out here >


Churchill's New York - Filet Gift Box 

The New York-Filet Gift Box includes two New York Strips—marbled to perfection—and two mouth-watering Filet Mignons. This carefully-crafted   package aims to please!

Check it out here > 


Gift Card to Otter Bar & Burger

Located in the neighborhood of East Lake, Otter Bar & Burger is a casual style bar and restaurant. They offer happy hour, eat-in, and take out/delivery!

Check it out here > 

The Coffee Snob

Whether they’ll admit it or not, we all have that friend, parent, or sibling that can’t live without coffee. Help them show off their love with a soft sweatshirt to wear while they enjoy some delicious Java!Java! Christmas blend coffee! For the more tame coffee lovers in your life, send them a pack of fresh roasted decaf coffee beans.


Christmas Blend Beans 

A fan favorite! Otherwise known as the WORLD'S BEST CUP OF COFFEE if you're Buddy the Elf. This dark roast is a great pair to your favorite festive creamer or libation. 

Check it out here >


Cozy Coffee Sweatshirt 

Enjoy your delicious cup of Java!Java! coffee in the softest pullover ever! Show off your love for coffee and keep cozy... what more could you want out of a sweatshirt? 

Check it out here >


Fresh Roasted Decaf Coffee Beans

Enjoy the taste, smell, and experience of coffee without the caffeine jump. For those who like a little half-caf, post-dinner coffee, or just have enough energy on their own. 

Check it out here >

The Athlete

Who says you can’t show off your style while hitting the gym? SODO offers athlete driven designed apparel in all different types and styles that work in and out of the gym. Whether they insist on running outside in the freezing cold, want to show off their brand affinity throughout the day, or want some comfy post-workout pants to slip on, SODO has got it all.


Herringbone 1/4 Zip;

Made with ultra-soft tetron cotton (TCD) hybrid yarn, this quarter zip offers comfort, performance, and style with it's herringbone design. Perfect for outdoor runs with it's hidden pockets and moisture wicking fabric!

Check it out here >


SODO SnapFlex Limited

This hat is combines the adjustability of a snapback with the form-fitting technology to create one size fits all.;

Check it out here >


Go To Pant 

The light weight pants are versatile, comfortable, and stretchy, meaning they're comfortable to slip on after working out or to relax on your rest day.

Check them out >

The Fashionista

We all have that friend; the one that always looks good, no matter the time of the day, with each outfit perfectly planned out. Give the gift of versatility with Lindsay Phillips shoes, snaps, and straps! One shoe with tons of possibilities, and tons of color combinations for any type of outfit.


The Perfect Bootie

For those who love neutrals, this bootie is perfect, offering a canvas that allows for the interchangeable snaps to mix it up a little when you're feeling feisty.

Check them out >


Orange & Blue Snap

In case you hadn't noticed... we're suckers for all things orange. This snap allows for a little pop of our favorite color while keeping it subtle. 

Check it out here >


Perfect Navy Flats

Living in the rainy city requires flats sometimes, and these navy flats are the perfect solution for looking professional and being comfortable. (And it matches our orange snap!)

Check out the Virginia Navy >

The Adrenaline Junkie

From skiing in the winter to biking in the summer, that friend that’s always outside is probably always wanting more gear. Comar Sports offers a huge variety of sportswear, gear, and accessories that can fit any action sports lover. Whether you’re looking to spend small or show a lot of love, there’s something for everything and in between.


Gortex Pants

Snow pants are always a good idea for a gift for your favorite boarder or skier. The perfect design will keep their legs warm when the weather is rough, but also the Mesh Lined Test-I-Cool Venting system allows for airflow if they wore too many pairs of long johns.

Check them out > 


Ski Mask 

We love this mask as a stocking stuffer for anyone who is going to be doing outside activities this winter. The super soft, super flexible material is functional and fun. 

Check it out! > 


Atomic Skis 

These Atomics might be out of the budget for the usual Holiday shopper, but they’re worth taking a look if you’re trying to really make someone’s winter a great one. Who knows, maybe you deserve some nice skis this year!

Check them out > 

The Naturalist

Earth friendly products at people friendly prices? Sign us up! Uncle Harry’s has a huge line of products from aromatherapy, to skin softening cocoa and shea butter, to a detox bath for your Earth-loving friend. The best part? It really is all sourced locally, naturally, and still kept at a reasonable cost.


Creamy Cocoa Butter 

Who doesn’t love a great moisturizer, especially during the winter? Uncle Harry’s Cocoa Butter also has cold pressed sesame oil to keep your skin moisturized all day long.

Check it out here >


Aromatherapy Mist

This cedarwood and lemon combination will energize your friend, but also help keep them calm through the winter months. The mist also has air cleansing qualities that keep your surroundings fresh.

Check it out! > 


Detox Bath Salt

This natural detox mixture has bentonite clay, pure sea salt, and nourishing seaweed, all to help the body feel it’s best, just in time for the holidays.

Check it out here > 

The Hostess with the Mostest

Pretty and functional… Rosanna offers tons of little knick knacks that are perfect for the friend who always throws the most perfect parties. Whether it’s a cocktail party or they host the best brunches, there are tons of options to show your friend some love for the hostess with the mostest.


The Perfect Pitcher

A lot goes into planning the perfect party, so why not help take some of the guess work out of it for someone special? This pitcher is perfect to push your friend to host the NYE party at their place, too.

Check it out!>


Decorative Tray 

Sometimes it seems like your hostess friend has it all... but who doesn't love a cute little piece of decor? Send your friend this adorable tray to remind her of all the "yay" she's put in your life! 

Check it out here! > 


Pretty in Pink Cake Stand

Everyone has a baker in their life that loves to show off. Might as well let them do it in style. And maybe it'll even encourage them to bake for you as a thank you... 

Check it out!

The One with Good Spirits

You know that friend that cares about what kind of whiskey’s in their old fashioned and where it comes from? Sometimes it can be tough to choose, so some whiskey themed accessories are perfect for the one who’s picky about whiskey. From enjoying their favorite spirit on top of their waffles, showing off their love in a t-shirt, to an essential for any true cocktail connoisseur, clear and large ice cube molds, there’s a lot of creative choices from our friends over at JP Trodden.


Bourbon Maple Syrup

Since you can’t buy their famous bourbon over the web, grab your whiskey lover some maple syrup that is just as good (And more socially acceptable to enjoy with breakfast).

Check it out>


Whiskey Tee

Whiskey lovers are kinda like dog owners, they like when everyone else knows how much they love their whiskey. So why not go for the t-shirt that cuts to the chase?

Grab it here>


Clear Ice Mold

You know how we said your whiskey loving friend gets the nice stuff? Well if they're paying all that money for good booze, why let it go to waste with a quick melting ice cube? This mold makes a huge, slow melting ice cube that's clear and looks nice.

Check it out!>

The One Who Likes to Do Good


Awesome Non-Profits

We've worked with a number of great non-profits throughout the years, and we love the idea of giving a donation in the name of a friend. Previously we worked with Children's Therapy Center, a group that serves children with special needs, and Young Survival Coalition, a support group for women at any stage in the breast cancer journey. Currently, we are designing a website for BIAWA, a group whose goal is to increase public awareness, hope, and support to those affected by brain injury. 


From all of us here at efelle, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & Happy Shopping!