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Catarina Guevara Posted by Catarina Guevara on January 25, 2017

How efelle Meets the Unique Challenges of Web Content for Law Firms

How efelle Meets the Unique Challenges of Web Content for Law Firms

The unique challenges of web content for law firms

Over the last 20 years, the way that law firms have found new clients has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of phone books and bus ads—instead, legal professionals need to rely on web marketing to ensure that clients know where to find them. However, marketing materials and collateral for attorneys and practices require a unique touch and special know-how, particularly when the target audience is younger and more tech-savvy than previous generations of clients.

Fortunately, efelle has the tools and the platform that law firms and attorneys need to create websites and blogs that are compelling, SEO-strong, and functional for lead generation.

Credibility-building content and information

Arguably one of the most important tasks of a legal website is establishing credibility. Clients rely on both information and appearance to determine who they’ll retain for legal counsel, and a poorly-built or vague website can drive them away quickly.

It begins with our design team, who create websites that are modern, functional, and adhere to best practices of user interaction and experience. Our websites are all optimized for mobile as well, so no matter how your potential clients find you, they’ll have the best possible experience.

The content management experts at efelle work with attorneys and legal professionals to determine which key ideas and words they want to present to the world and how best to harness them. Whether it’s a blog post that establishes a particular expertise or a list of achievements or clients that is particularly compelling, we’ll help you populate your new website with material that matters.

Organic, powerful SEO

The best website in the world won’t matter if it’s not driving traffic. 90% of all search referrals come from the first page of search engine results—which means you literally have to be at the top of your game. Our SEO tools will ensure that your website is among those top hits.

efelle’s team can assist with keyword research to figure out which keywords your firm should target for the highest return on investment, and help you build pages with the proper page titles, headings, and other components for SEO using our FusionCMS website content management system.

We’re also very invested in newsletter and blog content that helps keep the SEO going; by continually producing more content and reaching out to your existing clients, you can ensure that your site is always on the top of the pile.

Easy-to-use, functional CMS

Called LawFirmFusion Professional CMS, our content management system makes website updates and integrated marketing easy. The CMS allows you to edit and update your website at your convenience with our user-friendly interface.

If you need to look at the data from your site, visit the simple dashboard analytics and metrics; if your website isn’t performing optimally, we can also help determine why that might be.

Legal professionals have unique needs when it comes to web design, and much of the web has been slow to catch up. But firms and attorneys who are quick on the uptake net more clients, and efelle knows how to help make that happen.

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