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Marc Takeuchi Posted by Marc Takeuchi on October 16, 2022

How to Select the Right Web Development Company

How to Select the Right Web Development Company

Here's our tips to choose the right website design agency

Your website is the hub of your business online. It is your company’s virtual storefront. Hiring a skilled web development company to build a high-quality, unique, and optimized website is a must. When looking for a web development company to work with, put in the time in the beginning to find the right company. This will save you a lot of frustration in the long run.

Communicate Your Goals and Expectations

Imagine that you own a bank and you’re moving to a new location down the road. In order to prepare for the move, you will need to ensure that the new location has all of the required infrastructure in place, such as a parking lot, lighting, computers, and shelving. This might sound like a daunting task but hiring a web development company to build your business’s website is no different.

Whether you’re designing a website from scratch, redesigning your existing website, or migrating your site to a new platform, every component of your site has to come together perfectly. That’s why it’s important to hire a company that knows exactly what to do and how to do it. The last thing you want is interns learning how to code on your site, or a disorganized company taking far longer than promised to finish your site and not delivering a quality product.

Communicating clearly to your web development company and ensuring that they understand your goals and expectations is crucial. Be sure to clarify what your timeline requirements are, as well as any other needs you have. This will help you determine upfront whether the web development company is capable of meeting your requirements.  

It will be costly, hectic, and time-consuming to rectify any issues that arise from working with a web development firm that fails to deliver on its promise, so don’t get swayed by a low price. Shopping based on price might seem convenient on the surface, but the reality is that web development companies come and go, and many don’t stick around for the long term because they offer unsustainably low prices in an effort to snag new clients. Stick with a web development company that has a solid reputation and track record.

How Will They Communicate and How Often?

Thanks to technology, it is now possible to hire a web development company just about anywhere. It’s best to work with a company that will be available to speak with you during business hours in your time zone, however. Otherwise, you might struggle to communicate with them in a timely manner. Imagine noticing a problem on your website, only to have to wait until your web developers on the other side of the world are back in the office 12 hours later. Not only is this inconvenient, it puts your business operations at risk.

Be sure that there is a primary point of contact with whom you will communicate on an ongoing basis. Let the company know what your preferred methods of communication are, such as telephone, Slack, project management software, in-person meetings, videoconferencing, or a combination of these methods.

When you meet with a web development company for the first time, they should be willing to listen to your ideas, needs, and concerns, so they can come up with solutions that best fit your business. The larger and more complex your site is, the better equipped and more experienced your web development company should be. Validate which web development companies have the expertise and long-term project management staff available to provide the level of service and commitment your project requires.

How to Weed Out Web Development Companies That Aren’t a Good Fit  

The following are some signs that a web development company might not be up to snuff or at least not a good fit for your project.   

  • Disorganized and inexperienced
  • Unable to meet your requirements
  • Lacking expertise in your industry/niche
  • Unable to meet your required timelines
  • Not experienced in optimizing websites for better search engine performance

5 Considerations During the Website Design Agency Vetting Process

1. Check the company’s portfolio

Review the company’s portfolio to get a good feel for their work. Do they have the design chops and technical capabilities you seek? Look for projects similar to your own, and websites they have made for other companies in your industry.

2. Read Reviews

Reading third-party reviews of the company from sites like Google My Business and the Better Business Bureau is helpful for vetting a company and gauging their level of customer service. Better yet, talk to previous clients firsthand and ask them questions about their experience.

3. Get Project Estimates

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, contact various companies to get an estimate and see what works best for your budget and needs. Ask for pricing to be broken down based on the following:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Project Management

4. Request a Statement of Work

Request a statement of work that outlines timelines, deliverables, and activities. A web development firm should be able to deliver a fully functioning website within four to fifteen weeks, depending on its complexity.

5. Confirm Post-Launch Support

Work with a web development company that offers post-launch support, so you can rest assured that they are willing to stand by their work. This will be more cost-effective in the long run than dealing with multiple vendors and third-party support.

Finally, work with a company you’re compatible with. They should be communicative and respond promptly to your calls and emails, and you should feel comfortable entrusting your online presence to them. Don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions. You’ll know you have found a good company when they patiently answer your questions until you feel confident that they have your best interests in mind.

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