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Amanda Eldreth Posted by Amanda Eldreth on November 27, 2012

Increase your ROI through affiliate sales

efellemedia affiliate programIf you are running an ecommerce website and are looking for more ways to distribute your products to potential clients, you'll be happy to hear about the latest and greatest developments fresh from the EM labs. Now you can offer all your products through external websites using our new affiliate program! If your site is using our ecommerce system, there is an upgrade available that integrates a full-featured affiliate program directly into your site!

Using the system to build a full affiliate network is accomplished very easily in only a few steps.

EASILY Set up the affiliate system parameters

You set up your initial preferences for the system & you have a few different options on how you reward the affiliates that are going to be selling your products. You can assign a value to traffic driven to your site, such as new visitors, signups, or product views. This results in a typical CPC type system. Alternatively you can pay your affiliates for driving actual sales on your website by offering them a percentage of the sale or a fixed value. Visitors and visitors activity are monitored on the site and are attributed to the affiliate who brought the visitor to your site in the first place. If the visitor doesn't make their purchase right away, but returns later to complete a purchase, you can still reward the affiliate for the transaction - the affiliate system lets you, as the site owner, determine the timeframe within which the activities count towards the affiliate's account to make it as flexible and rewarding to your affiliates as you want it to be.

Add affiliates to the system

Have your affiliates sign up on the site. Each affiliate will start off with the default affiliate reward structures you have created in the system, though you have full control over how each affiliate is rewarded for the business they bring to your site. This makes it easy to increase rewards for affiliates that drive more traffic to your site than average.

Populate affiliate sites with your products

Your affiliates can access the website through a cutting edge control panel that gives them access to all the information they need for the program. From the control panel they can generate the appropriate XML files to integrate your products into their site. The XML files include all the necessary product information, including product names, descriptions, images, pricing and categorization along with an affiliate-specific link back to the system. This link is the key to tracking incoming traffic from your affiliates. Each affiliate has their own ID and their own set of product and category URLs specific to them. Using the XML file your affiliate can easily integrate the products into their websites.

Monitor the results!

Monitor the traffic coming into your site from your affiliates. The system tracks all the traffic, views, clicks and sales generated by your affiliates, and keeps running totals of what is owed to the affiliates based on the activity. As the site owner you can track all activity through the affiliate module that is integrated directly into the ecommerce module in the efellemedia content management system. Your affiliates have access to their information through the affiliate control panel.

If you would like to know how the efellemedia ecommerce and affiliate website system can benefit you please contact us today for a free consultation or Website review. Give us a call at 206.384.4909 or use our contact form.