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Haley Weaver Posted by Haley Weaver on August 30, 2018

IRG Gets Back in the Digital Marketing Game with New Website Design

IRG Gets Back in the Digital Marketing Game with New Website Design

Website Design and Development for Premier Physical Therapy Company in the Pacific Northwest

IRG Physical & Hand Therapy has been in business of offering quality physical therapy services to the Puget Sound area for two and a half decades. Their therapists and administrative staff are dedicated to providing a positive and compassionate environment for their patients and they ensure great results by keeping up with the latest techniques and technologies.

Their customers’ satisfaction is evident in the rapid growth of their business—since the first IRG location was established 1993, the company has added around two locations every year.

When they approached our team, they talked about how they were experiencing some growing pains; their marketing team wanted to streamline processes, modernize their assets, and create structure for future growth planning—starting with their website.

Naturally, we were excited to join them on this project.

Website Design Inspiration and Areas of Focus

As noted, IRG is committed to staying up to date on the latest technologies when it comes to patient treatment. The IRG team wanted their website to be equally cutting edge.

Our first design goal was to ensure that the entirety of the IRG website matched the company’s modern branding. We pulled the teal from their logo into several accent elements throughout the site, including call-to-action buttons and sectional backgrounds. We opted for charcoal gray as the primary body text color; this contrasts strikingly with the teal while providing a consistent feel in overall tone.


While our teams opted for outdoorsy, active imagery on the homepage, “approachability” was our keyword when creating the locations pages. We designed space for full-width imagery in the locations detail mastheads so each location page could open on a photo of the clinic itself or of the region in general. The locations detail pages also feature blocks to showcase each clinic’s services, staff members, additional in-office photography, and general office information (ie, hours, contact info, address). All of this helps communicate a “small town” vibe that’s buttressed by the stability and strength of an established parent organization.

Another design goal was to highlight important company stats. These we designed and developed right into the homepage; three key figures are displayed prominently and developed using a “tick up” animation that draws the eye to IRG’s impressive info. The section’s background features a photo of a mountain—very PNW—colored with a semitransparent teal overlay; overall, this area function as an attractive and eye-catching element that fits well with the active imagery elsewhere on the homepage.

Website Development Successes

Our team designed and developed the IRG homepage to be rich with UX-centric features. For instance, we the testimonials section can scroll by users clicking the angle brackets above the testimonials, by clicking the bullets between or brackets, or by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Active testimonials are highlighted in teal while others appear grayed out.

Filtering throughout the site is another key area where we prioritized user experience. The blog (aka “Insights”), Events, and Providers pages feature filter dropdown menus directly below their respective mastheads. These allow users to quickly search IRG’s large database of content to find information relevant to them.

In a like manner, the Service category pages improve user experience by featuring a dropdown menu of other service category options right below their mastheads—this helps make navigating between different service areas as quick and intuitive as possible. Likewise, on service detail pages, a “Related Service” dropdown allows users to continue their journey within that category.

Perhaps the most critical component for the IRG marketing team, however, was nailing the locations pages; one of the team’s primary goals for the website redesign was to encourage users to contact locations and become patients. Our goal, then, was to make the locations area super easy to navigate.

Our team achieved this in spades. We designed “Clinics” right into the main navigation header with a dropdown locations search option available on hover. Users can instantly find the location nearest to them by entering their zip code or full address.


If users bypass that option, they can click on “Clinics” to navigate to the locations overview page; here, a search bar is located directly below the masthead to give users another opportunity to enter their information. Alternatively, users who want to explore all the locations at once can scroll down the overview page to find both a mapped and listed view of all the options, attractively designed using IRG’s brand colors (search results are similarly styled for consistency and ease of use). Further on the page, the locations are divided regionally with buttoned tabbing, giving users yet another option for sourcing this information.

Lastly, we developed the site to be responsive across all devices, meaning it will look great and load quickly on desktop and tablet alike. Elements stack intuitively on smaller screens while the locations search bar is always available at the top of the page.

For more shots of our design work, check out the IRG portfolio page.

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