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Colin Griffiths Posted by Colin Griffiths on June 30, 2014

It Takes a Village to Raise a Good Website

It Takes a Village to Raise a Good Website

It Takes a Village to Raise a Good Website

Your website needs a whole team of professionals to meet your marketing goals.

Before you go running out to hire anyone to set up a website for you, slow down and think it through. When you’re just starting out, your money is better spent on growing the business than developing a flashy website. Free tools and templates are perfect for getting started. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll have the budget to create a better website that reflects a successful, growing business. But it takes a team to do it.

There’s So Much More to It

The reason we recommend you wait to hire a professional to design and develop your website has to do with the nature of web marketing. When all you need to do is convey contact information, your website is nothing more than an electronic business card. But when you need it to serve as a magnet for attracting business, it becomes so much more and requires much more.

It Takes a Team to Make a Good Website

An effective website has several important elements you need to consider with skills coming from different web professionals. Designers create the look of your site. Developers create functionality. Copywriters develop written copy and content. You could also be considering video production for your site. All of these services cost money and without the help of one other critical professional, the money you spend on those professionals is wasted. We’re talking about the SEO professional – the one who makes sure customers can find your site when they search online.

Even if you don’t need a highly technical or content-heavy website, at the very least, you’ll need help with search engine optimization. This field is constantly changing and evolving. What worked five years ago is mostly useless today.

Even Your Web Marketing Needs Teamwork

These days, SEO is a holistic endeavor. Elements on your site work in different ways to attract visitors. Once upon a time, just managing the basics in your initial web design was the most important part of setting you up for search engine success. Now, the content on your site is a big part of it too.

SEO has become an ongoing function of marketing hat calls on the skills of writers and video producers to attract more visitors with useful and engaging content. You can also accomplish this with the help of application developers who create useful software tools for visitors to use.

Efelle’s Team Has All the Skills You Need

It’s not difficult to see that when you’re ready to create a truly effective website, hiring a designer here, a developer there and an SEO from somewhere else isn’t logical. Hiring a team makes more sense – with individuals who know each other, have worked with each other in the past and therefore will be more efficient and effective in creating your website. Call us at 206.384.4909 or use our online contact form to set up a free consultation.