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Courtenay Adams Posted by Courtenay Adams on February 21, 2018

No Polo, No Problem. KINONA Sport Has a New Website.

No Polo, No Problem. KINONA Sport Has a New Website.

Adding a realistic, feminine, and sensible flair to women's golf apparel 

The idea for KINONA was a product of frustration—after spending years in the apparel, technology, and retail worlds, founders Dianne and Tami found they were frustrated with the kind of golf clothing made for and marketed to women. There was little marriage of style and function; most golf courses had standards too strict for flattering and attractive fitness wear and the typical golf uniform—a polo with shorts—left them feeling uninspired and underwhelmed. As active members of their local golf communities, they soon discovered that other women felt the exact same way: there was a real need for golf apparel that women actually liked and were excited to wear.

From those experiences, the idea for KINONA emerged.

Design & Functionality Needs

As a brand new business endeavor, KINONA required an eCommerce website design that would help launch the brand by reflecting a level of style on par (see what I did there?) with the clothes themselves. It was also critical for our designers to help to highlight the brand's values, foremost of which was—and continues to be—the importance of community. Tami and Dianne's goal with KINONA is not just to sell clothes, but to help foster communities among women, offering them an opportunity to gather, chat fashion, and see the pieces in person via home parties and events at clubhouses.  We avoided stock photography and instead advised on having lifestyle photos that showcased the clothing designs in action on and off the golf course. After all, KINONA clothing pieces are not just meant to be worn at the links—they can also function as integral pieces in any woman's casual activewear wardrobe. We took the slogan "Go from the green to the grocery store" very seriously throughout the design process and highlighted imagery of real women engaged in a variety of activities wearing clothing they feel confident and comfortable in.  


Throughout the site, we made the products front and center. The aforementioned lifestyle shots all feature women in action wearing the products (and having a blast while doing so). We also custom designed and developed “sticky scroll” functionality on product detail pages—users can scroll through the different product shots and views of items they're interested in while having the option set and "Add to Cart" buttons available to them at all times. Color swap options are also available on both overview and product detail pages, making it easy for users to browser the selection and opt for their favorites.


One of the most unique and foundational pieces behind the KINONA business design is the Champions system. Champions are like brand ambassadors—they own a selection of KINONA items and can host parties and events with their friends and fellow golfers to show off the products in person. They receive a share of the sales they make through these connections, all while giving them a great excuse to hang out with like-minded women and chat about golf and closet woes (and solutions!). Our team designed and developed a Champions location finder to make it easy for women to locate a Champion in their area and inquire about seeing and feeling the clothing in person. We also created an application form and provided space for current Champions to share information about themselves with the community.  FusionCMS makes it easy for the team at KINONA to update and add bios to the system as the Champions program grows. 


Through FusionCMS and our partnership with BigCommerce, we created a fun and functional website for this ground-breaking new brand. We are excited to watch KINONA grow—and grow it will! With two dynamite businesswomen at the helm, it's inevitable that KINONA will strike a chord with not only female golfers, but with active women of all stripes looking for novel ways to connect. What's even more awesome? There's no downside to that growth; together, BigCommerce and efelle allow for infinite scalability of KINONA's business on all digital fronts. 

To learn more about KINONA and its Champions Program—or to shop for some fantastic clothing items—check out their beautiful new website.