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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on January 02, 2020

Should Your Business Have a New Year's Resolution?

Should Your Business Have a New Year's Resolution?

Will a New Year's Resolution help you reach your goals? 

When it comes to New Years Resolutions, some people love them and some people avoid them like the plague. The thing is, you shouldn’t make one just to make one - the pressure to do so can hit hard this time of year, but you should take a step back and consider if it’s worth it.
If making some new year's resolutions for your business causes your blood pressure to rise and your stomach to hurt, then don’t do it! But if you feel inspired by the new year to refresh your business or yourself, then consider these questions on setting a few new goals for yourself. 

We wanted to provide a few questions to ask yourself before setting a resolution or two.

Was there an obvious fix from 2019?

When you look back on 2019, were there things that you feel could’ve gone better? Oftentimes, in hindsight, the changes you need to make are a bit more obvious. Take this time to reflect and see what you can change.
Did a process you use breakdown? Was your POS system, CRM, or some sort of software more of a burden than a help? Should you try out a new system?

When you take a step back and consider things you really didn’t like about how your business operated the past year, it can make your new goals a little bit more clear. Fixing an old thing can take away the feeling like you’re adding something else to your plate as well.

Are there actionable steps you can take to achieve it?

Sometimes our goals can be a little to vague and the unknown can make it difficult to take the first step. A goal like “grow my business,” may seem great at first, but how? By hiring a new person? Investing in marketing? Adding another store? When setting a resolution or goal, you should put some parameters on it by making it a SMART goal.

We’ve discussed SMART goals before, but here’s a refresher:
S - Specific. Your goals should tell you who, what, why and how you’re going to do something.
M - Measurable. There should be metrics for your goal that provide a way for you to track your status. For growth - is it through website sales? Hiring a new person? A specific number of followers on Instagram?
A - Achievable. We’re all for dreaming, but it’s important that you consider the resources, time, and tools to meet your goal.
R - Relevant. Be sure your resolution can help your business and aligns with your company mission in some way. A goal is only great if it has the potential to help your business.
T - Timely. Give yourself a deadline for your goal. This gives you something to work towards and can help you set a timeline for achieving it.

Is there something you’ve been putting off?

As a digital marketing company we hear it a lot - “I’ve been putting off my website redesign/logo redo/social media strategy because of x, y, and z.”
The thing is… there’s always going to be a reason to put off something new. Time, resources, or whatever it may be will always be a factor. Write down the goal and make it happen - take the momentum of the new year and decide you’re going to do it.

What can you learn?

A new years resolution doesn’t have to be some grandiose change, it can be a commitment to steadily grow your business or better yourself. Is there a helpful podcast you can commit to listening to once a week? Could you read a new book during Q1 about a subject in your industry? Are there classes you can take?
When you look at a new years resolution as a time to learn something, you’re giving yourself the freedom to pick something new out. =

So, should you set a new year's resolution? That’s up to you. But remember to view it as an opportunity to grow your business, better yourself, or take the next step into something great. 

Do you have a marketing goal, but aren't sure of the next step? 

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