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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on September 27, 2010

Ten Steps to Convert your Web Traffic to Sales:

Wondering How to Convert Your Web Traffic?

Here's some suggestions on how to make the most of your website traffic and generate sales

Convert Web Traffic into SalesYou might have an e-commerce website, but if you can't convert your traffic into profit or sales, your website or business might not survive. Converting traffic to profit provides revenue without having to fulfill customer purchases. It doesn't require any effort, so it doesn't increase your overhead. Converting traffic to sales helps your business thrive because it helps you move your product. Combined, converting traffic to profit and sales provides multiple streams of revenue. If you want to profit from your website but don't know where to start, simply follow a few guidelines.

Ten Steps to Convert your Web Traffic to Sales:

1. Set up passive revenue streams in addition to the products or services your website is offering. This can be done through such programs as Google Adsense, where website owners display relevant Google ads and earn money. If someone clicks on an ad, you get a small commission from each click. After you set up a Google account, Google's online instructions walks you through the process of creating the advertisements. Google creates the code, and you copy and paste it into your website.

2. Offer unique products for sale. Unique products pique people's curiosity and can increase traffic and sales. If you do not have unique products for sale, you can sign up as an affiliate and sell other people's items. Many companies offer affiliate programs, with being one of the largest. They handle all the customer sales, service and shipping. Known brands such as Amazon instill confidence in visitors, increasing the chance they'll click on the link on your website and make a purchase.

3. Create a compelling landing page. The landing page consists of the actual page your customer "lands" on when he reaches your website. This will be the "home page" if the visitor types your website address directly in his browser. But it could be another page on your website that results from someone placing a query in a search engine. For example, if your website sells dog collars, someone searching for "spiked dog collars" may land on your product page that has spiked dog collars, rather than your home page. A landing page must instill consumer confidence, provide information in a tempting way that makes the visitor want to stay on the site and explore it more.

4. Create a sense of urgency through such techniques as a sale that will soon expire.

5. Establish the right keywords for your website. Keywords help search engines know the subject of your site and its products or services. For instance, if your site's sells pet products, keywords might include dog beds, catnip and puppy food. Drawing prequalified potential customers to your site, namely, people who are looking for the very items you are selling, will greatly increase your conversion rate.

6. Post customer testimonials on your site. No one feels comfortable with an unknown product. Testimonials help people know that other customers bought your product or used your service and were satisfied.

7. Offer a trial-purchase plan or a guarantee period. Let your customers know that your site promotes quality products. More customers will spend their money if they know you offer a refund or a trial period.

8. Offer immediate pre-sales assistance. Many people have questions prior to buying. In a traditional retail store, customers flag down a sales associate. Online, live sales assistance offers customers the opportunity to click a button and chat with a sales representative. Free live chat modules are available for your website which can help increase your sales by instilling customer confidence.

9. Include valuable information on your website, and update it frequently. Potential customers and repeat customers will visit your site more often if there is useful information on it. For example, a website that sells unique dog collars might include articles giving tips on dog training, caring for older dogs, and pet exercise routines. The longer you can keep a potential customer at your site and the more times you can get a repeat customer to visit your site, the better the odds are that those visits will be converted into sales.

10. Obtain a review by a prominent website. For instance, third-party reviews help legitimize your website and instill customer confidence. Once you have third-party reviews and once your customers feel more confident, more of them will purchase from you.

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