May, 2012

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Rheena Stirm

New Website Redesign Project Launch for the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce in California

Efelle Media is proud to offer the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce web design services in conjunction with their Chamberfusion membership management product. Chamberfusion offers membership organizations a way to optimize individual members\' exposure online. Members will have the opportunity to showcase their individual business with enhanced listings on the site. Chamberfusion also includes many features including a calendar of events, board profile modules, local news, and much more! read more

Jessica Bryant

7 Tips for Getting More Facebook LIKES

When it comes to Facebook business pages, online-marketing-seattle.jpgif you build it, they probably will not come, no matter how much you hope that "likes” will magically appear. You must lure people to your Facebook page and encourage them to "like” it if you want to build a significant following. Here are 7 tips and tricks that will help you get more Facebook "likes”, sans the blood, sweat, tears, and paid ads. read more

Fred Lebhart

Why Your Law Firm's Website Bios Stink (And What You Can Do About It)

According to a survey of general counsel at major companies conducted by the Wicker Park Group, 100% of respondents said they visited law firms' websites when evaluating and making a purchase decision and 90% of respondents said that the bio section is the most important part of an attorney's site. Although law firm bios are important, many law firms neglect them. These are some of the major problems we encounter with law firm bios: read more

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