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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on May 21, 2012

Online Retail Sales Growing Steadily - Encouraging Forecast for Internet Businesses

Online Retail Sales Growing Steadily - Encouraging Forecast for Internet Businesses

E-Commerce Sales to Reach $250 Billion by 2014. Do you have an Online Retail strategy?

A forecasefelle-media-ecommerce-website-design-seattle.jpgt by Forrester Research predicts that online retail sales in the United States will reach nearly $250 billion within the next two years (more than a 70% growth since 2009). The report also suggests that brick and mortar retail sales are also becoming increasingly influenced by the Web. Online shoppers will boost spending 15% in this year alone. Now, more than ever, a professional, consumer-friendly web presence is key.

Outlined below are some of the most compelling benefits of having a professional ecommerce website:

1. A Better Buying Experience  = Increased Customer Loyalty
Enhance the buying experience of your (current and potential) customers through an intuitive, comprehensive, and clean ecommerce website. Encourage customer loyalty by providing a buyer-friendly website.

2. Get Found Easier
A strategically-built ecommerce site not only gives potential customers a positive first impression, but it also aids in the promotion of your brand and business. Search engine optimization is an extremely effective way to extend your online presence without continually incurring the costs of paid search.

3. Higher Conversion Rates
Do you know how many people visit your site without making a purchase? Improving the functionality of your ecommerce site is a great way to increase customer conversion rates and generate more revenue.

Grow Your Business With a Professional Ecommerce Website

Generic website templates may be "cheap and easy", but they have many limitations. Stay ahead of the competition and invest in a professional ecommerce site that more adequately reflects your company's brand personality and meets your needs. efelle knows exactly what it takes to build a cutting-edge ecommerce website that increases sales and helps you grow your business. Check out our ecommerce portfolio for examples. From brochure sites to more complicated, completely customized websites, efelle can design the perfect website for your online retail needs.

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