May, 2013

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Fred Lebhart

New Web Design Project for Susan Schreter's Book, Start On Purpose Goes Live!

Start On Purpose is an empowering book based on venture finance expert Susan Schreter's research on the most common issues, misunderstandings, surprises, regrets, and legal gotchas that confront high-tech and low-tech entrepreneurs during their first years in business –essentially everything that makes starting a business so hard and frustrating. read more

Leif Parcell

New Website Redesign Project for Parker Services

Parker Services plays an integral part for both contractors and companies alike in finding the best fit for the variety of positions they staff. Parker Services takes a hands-on approach to recruiting and has built their reputation on the personal connections they makes with their clients and contractors.As a result Parker Services has earned the respect of firms like Nintendo of America for their unsurpassed ability to match the right work to the right talent. read more

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