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Top 3 Challenges in eCommerce Channel Sales Management


Maggie Tippit

Any form of management entails some degree of command, influence, and enforcement on either an individual or a team to extract business performance. Therefore, eCommerce channel sales management becomes complex owing to the various elements of the management pertaining to the channel. read more

Why You Should Begin Your Online Marketing Strategy with Personas


Tessa Wuertz

It's often overlooked when it comes to working on a digital marketing strategy, yet it's a crucial step to know how to design your site and where to position your marketing strategy. These personas represent a larger array of a "target market" that you want to somehow reach with your strategy. read more

What's a SWOT Analysis & Why You Should Conduct One


Tessa Wuertz

By conducting a SWOT you are able to see both internally and externally what is working well for your business, as well as areas that could use some improvement. It is a meaningful way to assess your company and give you actionable ways to move forward. read more

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