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Talk Like an efellian: Glossary of Common Web Terms


Adrianna Ovnicek

Each industry has its own shorthand and web design and development is no different. If it sometimes sounds like our team is speaking another language, here's a little glossary breaking down some of the words and phrases we get asked about all the time. read more

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website...Now


Courtenay Adams

Over the past decade, the purchase and use of mobile devices has exploded, revolutionizing the way users browse the web. If your law firm's website isn't optimized for viewing by those users, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to reach and serve potential clients. read more

Should You Consider a Mobile-First Website Design?


Jessica Bryant

One of the top design trends of 2017, mobile-first design is a fairly natural next step following a year when mobile browsing officially outpaced desktop usage. Customers are going mobile, marketers know it, and now, web designers are building for that. But what exactly does it mean to build mobile-first, and is it something you should consider? read more

Seattle's Own Dr. Lamperti's Redesigned Website is Now Live!


Marc Takeuchi

Thomas Lamperti, MD is an Ivy League-trained, double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Seattle, Washington. With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Lamperti has patients fly in from all over in order to receive his hands-on, one-on-one plastic-surgery experience. read more

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