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Tessa Wuertz Posted by Tessa Wuertz on January 20, 2021

3 Essential Emails All eCommerce Businesses Need

3 Essential Emails All eCommerce Businesses Need

Using Emails to Grow Your eCommerce Revenue and Relationships

We all know emails are a great way to reach customers. Almost everyone has fallen into the trap of a sale email - maybe you ignored the first few, but then you finally click on it, end up browsing, and somehow end up with 3 new pairs of jeans, a pair of slippers and a new jacket in your cart! There’s a reason emails work well - they’re a popular form of communication that people are used to using throughout their day.

But what if you’re a small business that doesn’t have an email marketing team that can send out an email once a day custom designed? How do you harness the power of email and connect with your clients in this unique way? 

We’re putting together three emails that you should put together and send out to clients. The best option is to create, customize, and automate these emails so that they send out to your customers automatically.

Thanks for Your Purchase

One of the most important emails which are thankfully automated most of the time - the confirmation of their purchase. Letting your customer know that you received their order puts their mind at ease and lets them know that you’re a real business that will provide an exchange of goods. This builds trust with your clients long term as well!

You should be able to connect with your eCommerce engine so that their exact information can be pulled in like what they ordered, the cost, and any other relevant details.

Bonus Tip: We always recommend including a link to be able to contact support in this email in case someone misordered.

Order Shipped Notification

An order shipped email is a great way to reengage with your clients and get them excited about what they ordered. Everyone loves seeing an order shipped email in their inbox, and it’s logistically beneficial as well. When you do an order shipped email, try and include tracking information in there as well! Whether it’s a tracking number or a link to a site like Route, it helps continue their excitement and can also help cut down on customer service calls for your team. 

You can add personality to this email as well - whether it’s design or content. This is a great email to show off who your brand is - maybe sharing a “Hooray!” or “Get Excited!” or even a “We Can't Wait for You to Try Your ____!” shows that you’re excited for the customer after the fact as well. 

Bonus Tip: If you’re able to track, triggering an “Order Delivered” email is also a fun way to reengage with customers again. It should be clear and concise, letting them know that they should’ve received their package from you.

A Welcome Email

Finally, a “welcome” email is a great way to welcome either new customers post-purchase, or people who have just subscribed to your email newsletter. A welcome email should share your story and build an important connection point with your end-user. There’s obviously a mission and values behind your business that you know is important to your user! This email can also benefit from including some of your most popular products to recommend if your client is unsure of what to purchase.

Bonus Tip: Include a discount in this email. It’s a great way to get users to open their email, as either repeat purchase or make their first purchase!

These emails are a great way to get to connect with your users and grow your business. Setting these up may take a little bit of work, but once you have them set up, you can automatically send them out and continue to benefit!

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