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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on May 29, 2012

3 SEO Tips for Property Management Websites

3 SEO Tips for Property Management Websites

Here are some ideas for improving your property management website's search engine rankings.

If you type the name of your city and state and the keywords "property manager" or "property management" in Google, is your property management website one of the top results? If not, you've got some SEO work ahead of you. SEO, or search engine optimization, is crucial to your success if you want to attract more leads from the web.

Here are 3 SEO tips that will help boost your property management website's search engine rankings and traffic:

Do keyword research
Keyword research is a critical part of optimizing your property management website for search engines. If you target the wrong keywords, your customers may never find your website. For example, there's no point in ranking for a generic keyword like "property management company" if your site doesn't appear when prospects carry out location-specific searches. For the best results, target geographically specific keywords.

Many property managers make the mistake of assuming that they know what keywords customers use to find their sites. It's difficult to figure out exactly how potential customers would go about finding your site without the help of a keyword research tool. You can also get keyword ideas by checking out the keywords that your competitors are targeting.

Tune up your title tags
Title tags are one of the most important ranking factors. And because title tags appear in search engine results, they also have an effect on your search listings' click-through rates. To maximize click-through rates, incorporate a compelling call-to-action into your title tags whenever possible. Your property management website's title tags should also contain specific keyword phrases, geographical modifiers, and your company's name.

Place target keyword phrases closer to the start of your title tags because they'll carry more weight that way and people will be more likely to click on your listings. Your title tags should be no more than 70 characters long because that is the maximum amount of characters that is displayed in search engine results.

Optimize images:
Image search engines, like Google Images, are driving an increasing amount of traffic to websites. Make sure that the images on your property management website are optimized for image search engines by including target keywords in your images' file names and ALT attributes. Use dashes, not underscores, to separate each word in your images' file names (e.g. property-management-company-seattle-wa.jpg) because search engines see dashes as spaces. Additionally, ensure that any image you use on your site is relevant to the text on that particular page.


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