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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on April 27, 2012

4 Benefits of Mobile Websites for Chambers of Commerce

Benefits of having a Mobile Website for Chambers of Commerce

Find out why your chamber of commerce ought to jump on the mobile bandwagon.

There are more than 2.4 billion mobile users worldwide. But the number of chamber of commerce websites that load properly on mobile devices is minimal. Here are some benefits of investing in a mobile website for your chamber of commerce.

1. Keeps you ahead of the curve

It's a smartphone and tablet world out there, and an increasing number of people are browsing chamber of commerce websites on their mobile devices. If your chamber of commerce's website can't be accessed quickly and easily on the go, you could be losing potential members! A mobile website that delivers exactly what users are looking for enables you to stay ahead of the curve.

2. Expands membership and boosts revenues

For chambers of commerce everywhere, effective online marketing is essential to attracting new members and boosting revenues. And today, mobile marketing is a crucial part of any chamber of commerce's digital strategy since a growing number of people access the web via mobile devices.

3. Provides more value to chamber members

The mobile web has the potential to transform the way your chamber of commerce does business while generating more foot traffic for members. By going mobile, chambers of commerce can provide more exposure and value to members with mobile listings that include information about their businesses, a map, directions, and their contact information.

4. Enables users to search your site on the go

Mobile websites give people speedy access to information. On your mobile chamber of commerce website, users can search your directory based on keywords, business name, location, and more. Other information that mobile chamber of commerce websites may display include upcoming events, news, jobs, and membership info.

Thanks to mobile technology, people can research products and services anytime, anywhere. And chamber of commerce websites are frequently sought out when potential customers are looking for products and services in a local area. In touristic areas, chambers of commerce can even create mobile websites that allow visitors to book reservations at the last minute on their smartphones or tablet devices.

Grow Your Chamber of Commerce's Online Presence with a Mobile Website by efelle

efelle's ChamberFusion management system allows you to create a mobile website that helps you achieve your business's objectives, whether you want to expand your membership base, increase exposure for your members or generate more non-dues revenue. Our mobile websites are optimized for the mobile browsing experience using responsive web design techniques, which make them simple to navigate from any handheld device. Our mobile websites don't require users to download an application and are compatible with all the big mobile platforms: Android, Apple, and RIM.

Member data for your mobile chamber of commerce website is pulled from the same online database as your standard website, so your mobile site doesn't have to be maintained in a different location – you can use ChamberFusion to manage both your standard site and your mobile site.

Our mobile websites for chambers of commerce provide members with their own mobile-friendly page. Members can direct people to their mobile pages with QR codes. Potential customers can use their mobile device's internal GPS to locate businesses and receive directions. Additionally, they can search for hot deals offered by member businesses.

To learn more about efelle's mobile website solutions for chambers of commerce, please call 206.384.4909 or fill out our online contact form.