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Marc Takeuchi Posted by Marc Takeuchi on March 15, 2017

4 Ways to Put Your Email List to Better Use

4 Ways to Put Your Email List to Better Use

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A professionally designed business website wouldn’t be complete without a way to capture email addresses from clients and visitors. When a user gives you their contact information, they've already taken the crucial first step in forming a trusting relationship; your job now is letting them know what to do—or what to buy—next.

And yet, plenty of businesses let their lists—rich with potential—grow cold.

If you’ve been collecting emails from potential clients for some time and are looking to reignite your list, these four tips can help get you started.

Announce something

One of the easiest ways to kick off your newsletter again is to come out swinging with a big announcement. A new partner, a fantastic product, a sale, or anything else you’d typically advertise on a Facebook ad or circular all make great fodder for an email blast.

Introduce them to your new line, your new CFO, your new membership level, or your latest special offer and remind your clients what they loved about you in the first place. Make sure the images and language are similar to what they’re used to so they know it’s you.

Collect more information

Take the opportunity to reintroduce yourself—and gather more intel on your list. Consider including a survey or a simple questionnaire in your email.

If you prefer, you can be a little sneakier in asking for info. Send out an email letting your clients know that you’d like to help them celebrate their milestones—work anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, etc—but to do that you need to know more about them. Then, point them in the direction of filling out a customer profile.

Show off what you know

People only open emails when the subject lines interest them—which means that, if you can, it’s not a bad idea to make your newsletters, well, newsy. If your industry offers special insight or information into a particular current event, consider newsjacking your email blast.

Write a newsletter that demonstrates your company’s particular strengths as they pertain to current events, holidays, or whatever else might be top-of-mind to show your clients that you’re engaged in the world and that you have something unique to offer.

Push them to social

You might be surprised by how many of your clients signed up for your email blasts but don’t follow you on social media. If you’ve been focusing all of your efforts on platforms where potential purchasers aren’t actually engaging with you, you might be missing out.

Send out an email inviting users to follow you on whichever platforms you use the most. Incentivize them—do you offer coupons, sales, or special deals?—and let them know that if they’re not following you, they might be missing out.

Despite all of the changes of the digital world in the last 20 years, email remains one of the most significant methods of contacting people, spreading information, and converting leads. If you’re not maximizing that potential, it could cost you.

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