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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on April 11, 2012

5 Benefits of a Professional Website for Property Managers

5 Benefits of a Professional Website for Property Managers

How a professional website can boost your property management company’s brand and bottom line

Web Design for Property ManagementIf you run a residential or commercial property management company, having a professional website is essential to your long-term success. Traditional marketing avenues are gradually losing their effectiveness and more tenants and owners are using the internet to find properties and property managers, so it’s become important for property managers to maintain a professional and highly visible online presence. Outlined below are some of the most compelling benefits of having a professional website.

  1. Powers Your Online Marketing Efforts
    A professional website that lists all of your properties and is optimized by location, neighborhood, and other important keywords makes it easier for people to find your properties through Google and other major search engines. According to eMarketer, 94% of searchers click on one of the first 10 search engine results, so optimizing your website for the search engines is an absolute must if you want to drive more targeted traffic to your website.
  2. Helps Your Business Become More Organized and Efficient
    An effective property management website is more than just a pretty face. A property management website enables you to organize your rental information and manage all of the details in one place. At efelle, we build property management websites that come equipped with the PropertyFusion Online Property Management & Listing Module, which seamlessly integrates with our content management system, FusionCMS, so you can instantly update your website and have complete control over your site’s content.
  3. Saves Time
    A property management website solution that provides comprehensive details about your properties, such as floor plans, Google maps, and photos, allows prospective customers to review your properties online and therefore eliminate the need for you to set up so many property viewings. In addition, efelle’s PropertyFusion can be customized to your company’s needs and processes to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, increase productivity, and save time.
  4. Enhances Your Company’s Brand Image
    It’s important to give potential customers a positive first impression if you want to convince them to do business with you. Your website is a virtual representation of your business – that’s why having a clean, attractive, and professionally-designed website that provides the information your customers seek is so important. There are cheap, generic templates available for property management companies, but they simply cannot compete with a website that has been designed and developed specifically for your company.
  5. Improves Customer Service
    A professional property management website is like a virtual property management office that’s available online 24/7. An effective website improves your company’s customer service by offering convenient online rental applications and enhancing communications with prospective customers. efelle’s PropertyFusion system comes with MailFusion, a newsletter/email marketing module that saves your customers’ and prospects’ contact information and enables you to send them targeted newsletters and special offers.


Grow Your Business with a Professional Property Management Website

Why settle for generic template that reflects poorly on your property management company when you can invest in a professional online presence that puts you strides ahead of the competition? With nearly a decade of experience working with property management companies of all sizes, efelle knows exactly what it take to build a cutting-edge property management website that increases sales and helps you grow your business.

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