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Ryne Baerlocher Posted by Ryne Baerlocher on June 04, 2018

5 Law Firms Elevating Their Online Brand Presence

5 Law Firms Elevating Their Online Brand Presence

Whether Your Firm Focuses on Criminal Defense, Environmental Law, Litigation or Another Area of Practice, Branding Matters

Brand exposure for legal firms often doesn't begin with a website—it may start with how the attorneys carry themselves in practice or the email signatures their staff use on a daily basis. That said, the internet is playing a bigger and bigger role in helping law firms grow—this means the need for an online presence centered on a stunning legal website that accurately reflects a firm's brand is greater than ever. No law firm wants a website that leads potential clients to think their firm is out of date, out of touch, or not worthy of their business.

Over the last 13 years, efelle creative has worked with dozens of law firms, elevating their online brands through website design, logo redesign, brand messaging, and other services. Here are five clients that recently approached efelle to upgrade their online presence and give new voice to their brand story.

Curran Law Firm: Before and After


Curran Law Firm's former design was flat and static. efelle's revamp features a sliding masthead with large, hi-res and engaging images that convey a community feel. Opening with a strong tagline reinforces Curran's values and mission and highlights that Curran is dedicated to their clients and serious about the work they deliver. 

Christensen O'Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC: Before and After


COJK's former site design had their brand colors nailed down, but featured a layout that wasn't optimized for either full-screen browsing or mobile viewing. It felt a bit unfocused and displayed a masthead image that didn't speak to their company's brand or values. efelle's COJK redesign features panel-based scrolling that allows visitors to hone in on one feature or company highlight at a time, creating a pleasant user experience that doesn't overwhelm the eye and feels inherently modern; while scrolling through the homepage, you get the feeling COJK is not only focused on innovation, attention to detail, and professionalism, but is also proud to serve the Seattle area.

Mentor Law Group PLLC: Before and After


Mentor Law Group came to efelle because they needed a website that accurately conveyed what matters most to them: the environment they strive to protect. Their current site was feeling blocky and heavy with text—it needed some life! Using photos taken by one of the partners, efelle created a visually stunning site rich with personal touches that you rarely see in the law industry. Along with a logo redesign and color scheme update, Mentor Law now has a clean, branded approach that speaks to what they truly care about and that they can carry over to other marketing assets. 

Rogers Towers Attorneys at Law: Before and After


As one of the largest and oldest firms in Florida and serving multiple industries and practices, Rogers Towers wanted their website to showcase their size and range without seeming too corporate or pretentious. efelle worked with the Rogers Towers team to create a design that conveys the power of a large firm without sacrificing the attention to detail associated with smaller practices. efelle's proprietary content management system—FusionCMS—allowed our team to design without restriction and create simple-to-maintain "relationships" between various areas of the site; attorney profiles, for example, can be linked to their related service pages with a click of the mouse, making updates quick and allowing users to navigate the front end with intuitive ease.

Cairncross & Hempelmann, PS: Before and After


Cairncross needed a site with the same personal touch that they offer to their clients but displayed in an unconventional way. While navigating their site, you'll notice right away that they may choose to do things a little differently than a typical law firm. On the homepage, efelle designed a sliding panel layout that switches as the user scrolls down the page. Each panel features a prominent call to action that encourages the user to dig deeper into the firm's website. There's a reason so many of our new clients mention this site as inspiration when they begin projects with us for their own company's redesign...but don't take our word for it. Check out the Cairncross & Hempelmann for yourself. 

Is Your Law Firm Considering a Rebrand or Website Redesign?

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