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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on June 29, 2015

5 Marketing Hacks That Will Impact Your Bottom Line

5 Marketing Hacks That Will Impact Your Bottom Line

Devote a few hours every week to implement these profitable marketing hacks.

Do you ever play mystery shopper on your own website? Do you ever search for a particular service or product on your own site? As a business owner, why wouldn’t you employ these easy but important marketing tools?

It is essential to revisit certain areas of your strategies and methods to keep your digital marketing plan stimulated. This doesn’t mean you have to revamp your whole marketing strategy. However, it does mean that occasionally small modifications can result in big impacts, which we like to refer to as hacks.

By selecting some or all of the following hacks to execute immediately throughout your website, you can shift the subsequent cost and time savings to your marketing efforts with more noticeable return on investment (ROI).

Gain New Insights

Use methods such as mystery shopping your brand, talking to your customers directly or utilizing a customer feedback form to develop improvements from your customers’ observations and experiences.

Develop Tag Management

Tag managers, such as Google Tag Manager, are free and easy to navigate, leaving more time and money to spend on your marketing campaigns. You manage your tags and configure your mobile applications yourself, with an easy-to-use web interface, rather than forcing you or your IT department to write or rewrite code. Tag managers are tools designed to accomplish two main things:

  • Minimize code deployed on websites and in apps
  • Allow many pieces of code to be managed from a single area without editing the site

Speed up the execution of tags with a simple, scalable, do-it-yourself marketing solution that you will thank yourself for.

Offer Something Substantial for Free

Standard business wisdom maintains that giving away free stuff to prospective customers is an idiotic way to do business. However, if you're not offering at least something for free, you will lose customers you might otherwise have won.

Nowhere is that more blatantly apparent than in mobile apps, where nearly every item, whether it be music or games, starts free and then becomes pay to play.

Start a Blog

Blogging most assuredly will bring customers to your website, as long as you write well and actually have something valuable or useful to say. Every time you post a blog, people searching for keywords it contains will be directed to your website.

Write about topics your target audience will utilize or that they care about and incorporate the words and phrases they're likely to use when searching for that information. Try and include these keywords in your headings, too.

Blogging regularly is not an easy task if you have trouble writing. Many business owners, large and small, hire professional writers who already know how to craft posts people want to read and share.

Prune Content Bloat

The first step to pruning the content run-on is to look at your pages that never get traffic. Look at the pages that have no inbound links. If you are providing the same information somewhere else on the website, then kill that page. If that is not the case, figure out why nothing beneficial is occurring on them.

Maybe there are broken links, or maybe they are not visited because they are redundant. It is important to go through your website periodically and perform a really intensive content audit. If you are unsure how to go about auditing your content, there are some great guides online to help you get started evaluating your content.

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