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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on December 13, 2012

6 Great Uses of QR Codes for Homebuilder Websites

6 Great Uses of QR Codes for Homebuilder Websites

Bridge your online and offline homebuilder marketing efforts with QR codes.

QR codes (Quick Response codes) offer a tremendous,QR code marketing  for Homebuilders low-cost marketing opportunity for homebuilders. Unlike bar codes, which only encode data on a horizontal plane, QR codes encode data both horizontally and vertically in a grid of squares. Typically, QR codes are used to point mobile devices to a specific landing page, such as a social media page, email sign-up form, video, or special offer.

QR codes can be used to bridge the gap between your online and offline homebuilder marketing campaigns. While online marketing is effective, it generally only reaches potential homebuyers when they are on their computers at home or in their offices. On the other hand, traditional marketing via brochures, print ads, and commercials only reaches homebuyers when they’re away from their computers and is much harder to monitor and measure.

QR codes allow homebuilders to create interactive experiences for homebuyers, no matter where they happen to be. You can put QR codes on the following marketing materials:

  • Model home signage
  • Press releases
  • Brochures
  • Print ads
  • Business cards
  • Door signs
  • Direct mail
  • Price sheets
  • Email signature
  • Flyers

Here are 6 ways that homebuilders can use QR codes to open a dialogue and encourage prospects to initiate contact.

  1. Image galleries

Show prospective buyers what the new homes you’re building will look like by linking your QR codes to image galleries.

  1. vInformation about amenities

Provide information about the amenities located near your housing developments, such as community centers, shopping malls, schools, parks, and libraries.

  1. Detailed listing information

From floor plans to building plans to pricing, provide all of the details that prospective buyers need.

  1. Maps of the area

Familiarize prospective buyers with the local area by providing them with maps that feature local amenities and attractions.

  1. Video tours and messages

Create a video tour that’s hosted by a friendly sales representative so you can forge a personal connection with prospects and encourage them to take the next step. You can also create a video with a “message from the builder” to engage prospects and reveal the human side of your company.

  1. Email sign-up form

One excellent way to earn permission to stay in touch with your prospects and regularly send them marketing messages is by growing your email subscriber base. You can do this by creating QR codes that connect to an email sign-up form. That way, whenever prospects see your marketing materials and are interested knowing more about what you have to offer, they can simply scan your QR code and sign up for your email list.


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