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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on August 26, 2013

A Shocking 70 Percent of B2B Websites Fail this Simple Web Marketing Test

A Shocking 70 Percent of B2B Websites Fail this Simple Web Marketing Test

A Shocking 70 Percent of B2B Websites Fail this Simple Web Marketing Test

Is your website failing in these marketing essentials?

A website is an important element of your company’s image, so it pays to run a critical eye over your B2B landing page. It should include various ways for customers to contact you, appropriate calls to action and informational resources. According to, a whopping 70 percent of B2B websites get at least one of these web-marketing essentials wrong.

The Basics

While most websites have no trouble clearly displaying the company’s name and logo, many still fail to offer important contact information in a prominent spot. The landing page must clearly show the company’s name, phone number, email address, fax number, and if appropriate, the brick-and-mortar street address. It’s even important to provide the names of key contact personnel to make clients more comfortable making that first contact.

If your business also has a storefront, operating hours are just as vital. Remember, the internet is not just used for eCommerce, many people browse company sites to compare prices and services. Others may browse the site simply to get a feel for your organization before making contact. If your website doesn’t have these essentials, it reflects poorly on your company’s professionalism and judgment.

The Call to Action

A call to action refers to the actions you want visitors to take on the website. Calls to action could include subscription boxes that let visitors sign up for email newsletters, links to videos that display product demonstrations and even access to eBooks that support your products or services. No matter what they ask visitors to do, calls to action should be present and prominent. At the very least, you should have some statement that encourages visitors to call you on the phone, email you or fill out an online contact form.

Link to Social Media

Your social media links should also be prominent on the front page of our website. Not only do they offer greater exposure, but they also instill a sense that your company cares about communication with clients. A lack of social media connections sends the wrong message.

Many Ways to Interact

Not every visitor will make a purchase or complete a contact form on the first visit, so make the site a worthwhile experience that visitors will come back to. Providing links to product descriptions, seasonal sales and discounts, blogs and even information articles is a great way to maximize the potential of your landing page. Links to these informational resources should be easy to find.

Many sites fail to link to their blogs from the front page, so clients never see the information you’ve worked so hard to provide. Much of your company’s image is communicated by your blog. Make sure visitors can find it.

Good business is about forming strong, approachable relationships with customers. Using your website to offer the right information in a clear and easy-to-navigate format will accomplish that.

Let us show you how to create a landing page that produces results.

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