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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on July 27, 2011

Announcing Rowley Properties, Inc. as our newest website redesign client!

New property management and real estate development website for Rowley Properties, Inc.

Issaquah's Rowley Storage, Inc. excited for web design partnership with efelle

efelle is pleased to announce Rowley Properties, Inc. as a new client! Rowley Properties is a property management and real estate development firm that purchases, develops, leases, and manages residential, commercial, office, and storage property in Western Washington. They are based out of Issaquah, Washington.

About Rowley Properties:

Rowley Enterprises was founded in 1954 by George Sr. and his wife Mary “Pat” Rowley. They changed their name to Rowley Properties, Inc. in 2003. George Sr.’s granddaughter, Kari Rowley Magill is now the CEO and has been since 2008, and her father George Rowley Jr serves as the Chairman of the Board. Rowley Properties own several hundred storage units of all shapes and sizes. Along with the storage properties that efelle will build a website for, they also own residential apartments, light industrial properties, and almost 1 million square feet of commercial space. All of their properties are in Western Washington and Issaquah where their business began.

Lisa Rae Riley is the project lead and has demonstrated that Rowley Properties would like to have a website specifically for their residential/commercial storage and boat/RV storage units with the functionality to show available units, maps and location, and floorplans to help conceptualize the space. Rowley is unique in that they own all of their properties. Because of their vast portfolio, they are able to offer space for nearly any business or individual.

What Rowley Properties needs in a business website:

For Rowley Properties, we are creating a brand new storage management website based on market research of other storage facility management compaines. The design will be clean, professional and robust in features. We are developing the site specifically for property management, which will allow the manager the ability to post available units, floor plans, pictures, and control their status (leased, reserved, etc.). The property manager has the ability to update all of this information from their end without having to go through a web development team to make changes.

Stay tuned for their new site, coming soon!

Products used in this website:

FusionCMS Content Management System
eCatalog functionality for displaying available units
SEO and online marketing packages

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