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Rebecca Blake Posted by Rebecca Blake on April 13, 2022

Artery Ink's New eCommerce Store Built on Shopify

Artery Ink's New eCommerce Store Built on Shopify

We’ve Launched a Brand New Website Redesign for Custom Healthcare Apparel Company

About Artery Ink

Artery Ink was created with the mission of helping people learn more about their bodies so that they can take better care of them. They create custom, hand-drawn designs that feature parts of human anatomy or fields of healthcare. These designs are added to t-shirts, stickers, greeting cards, and more.

The team at Artery Ink works closely with healthcare providers and often donates proceeds to help particular causes related to their designs.


Goals for eCommerce Store Redesign

For this eCommerce store redesign, Artery Ink’s main goals included:

  • Featuring more of their custom artwork
  • Creating a simplified customer journey
  • Expressing their customer-connected approach to business


Website Design & Functionality Highlights

For the design of this website, we focused on incorporating more of the custom, hand-drawn artwork that Artery Ink has created. We wanted the designs to really shine since these are a key selling point for their products. The new theme allowed for more designs incorporated into the template pages and a gallery page to show the larger collection of designs.

The eCommerce store was built on Shopify. This allowed for more integration with various apps that improved the customer journey. In particular, we used Bold subscriptions, Bold wholesale pricing, and Bold custom option to ensure that the various options were available for individual customers as needed.


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