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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on October 09, 2019

Benefits of Blogging for Law Firms & How to Start Today

Benefits of Blogging for Law Firms & How to Start Today

Easy Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys & Law Firms comes Through Blogging

A blog for a law firm can be a crucial part of your online marketing strategy, yet many firms don’t blog regularly or at all. It can seem intimidating to some, but once you understand the benefits and get into the rhythm of posting regularly, it can really benefit your firm and grow your business.

Benefits of Blogging for Law Firms: 

  • Shows You As a Knowledgeable Thought Leader
  • Good for SEO if You’re Using Keywords
  • Keeps your Site Fresh

With these benefits in mind, it’s easier to understand why someone would recommend and devote time to blogging for your firm. Here’s how to use these benefits as a framework to easily writing successful blog posts. 

Shows You Are Knowledgeable & A Thought Leader

It may seem intimidating to blog, but what you’re really doing is writing short blurbs about a subject you’re already knowledgeable about. It could be something that you brief every client on, a broken down explanation of a legal process, or even a blurb from something that you recently published in a law journal. 

When you realize you’re just writing about something you already know about, blogging can seem a lot less intimidating. 

Not sure what to write about? Start by making a list of your practice areas, then think about some of the common topics for that area. From there think about some questions you're often asked and see if you can write a blog post from those questions. 

Good for SEO if You’re Using Keywords

If you haven’t had an audit done on your website to know what keywords your firm should be after, then you should think about getting one. Either way, if you’re writing about your practice areas then it’ll be good in terms of helping people find your firm. By doing this you’ll be able to increase your organic keyword ratings. 

A few key tips: 

  • Include long tail keywords - things that are often searched like “Seattle property lawyer,” or “Miami Law firm for nonprofits” obviously dependant upon where you’re at.
  •  Link to your practice areas on your site. This inner-site linking is good for SEO and also for your users! It helps them find your services and learn more about them if they desire to.
  • Include a form at the bottom of the blog post or call to action. Make it easy for users to reach out after they’ve read your blog!

Keeps your Site Fresh

There is always new stuff happening in the legal world - from relevant current events to Supreme Court rulings to cases your team has recently won, there is a plethora of information that is both fresh to you and your clients. This is again great for SEO as well as your clients - it gives them a reason to come back to your site and shows them that you’re keeping up in the world of law which builds trust. 

A few of our favorite examples: 

  • Explaining a new ruling from the Supreme Court in lay-mens terms and what it means for those affected.
  • Sharing a case you won and the positive effect it had on the community (obviously more applicable for some types of practices.) 
  • Answering FAQs about a recent ruling.

See? It’s really not that hard and they pay off can be great in terms of SEO rankings, building trust with your clients, and staying up to date in the legal world. The one caveat is that blogging for quality can take time. If you’re able to have an intern or an agency do the writing for you, you can reap the benefits of blogging without spending the time.

Want to learn how to increase your law firm’s SEO even more? 

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