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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on September 29, 2014

Beyond AdWords – Finding Good Keywords for Your Content

Beyond AdWords – Finding Good Keywords for Your Content

Beyond AdWords – Finding Good Keywords for Your Content

Use these pro keyword tips to attract more visitors to your website.

It’s easy to fall into the routine of looking up keywords in AdWords, following whatever formula you’ve settled on for choosing a term and moving on. But every website’s success depends on doing a better job than the competition. If your keyword optimization strategy just covers the basics, you’re not doing enough to compete. Use these additional strategies to choose better keywords and improve your search traffic.


While it may not be a valid source of information because users generate it, you can’t deny that Wikipedia does an outstanding job of showing up in search results for many, many categories. One way to improve your keyword choice is to do what Wikipedia does. You can find that out with a search using the prefix “inurl:Wikipedia.”

You’ll find Wiki pages related to your topic. Scan the opening paragraphs and table of contents for strong keywords and phrases. Wikipedia seems to know what users are looking for. Use what they know for your own site.


Like Wikipedia, Amazon seems to rank highly for just about anything you could buy. If you need to rank for a particular product, look at what Amazon is doing. For any given search, you’ll find rich keyword resources in product titles, “related products” information and more. Amazon shows you the words that work for them. You may be able to make those words work for you as well.


Ever notice how Google likes to complete your search term for you? Well, the suggestions Google gives you are very popular search terms. They are somewhat skewed by location specific algorithm factors, but they are usually terms that work nationwide. Consider using them!

MetaGlossary Definitions

Stumped for related keywords? That’s okay. Entering a term on will give you definitions that are rich with related keywords and concepts.

Check the Playing Field

There’s nothing wrong with finding your top competitors and looking at the keywords that have helped them rank successfully. By looking at the search results for the keyword you’re considering, you’ll find other websites that are ranking well for your term. Look at the page’s source code to find out which terms helped them rank. Look under ,and

tags for some keywords that might help you.

Don’t Forget Bing

Bing is trying its best to compete with Google. You can get some extra ideas from their answer to AdWords: Bing Ad Intelligence. Check out for a tool that can help you locate other potential keywords.

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