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Rebecca Blake Posted by Rebecca Blake on February 26, 2020

Beautiful eCommerce Website Launch for All-Natural Products Company, Humble Brands

Beautiful eCommerce Website Launch for All-Natural Products Company, Humble Brands

eCommerce Website Redesign for our Friends at Humble Brands

Inspired by an uptick in orders and interest in natural products, Jeff and the team at Humble Brands decided to redesign their website and take a good look at the customer experience with an eye towards increasing his online subscription numbers, while rolling out new products to a growing customer base.

About the Brand 

Humble Brands grew out of founder Jeff Shardell’s quest for ways to detoxify his life after a career in tech and the stresses associated with it.  A shocking 100% of what we put on our underarm skin is absorbed into our bodies, as opposed to around 60% elsewhere, so this is where Jeff focused his search, trying many of the natural products available at the time. None of them worked well and were either ineffective, merely masking the scent, or uncomfortable. After tinkering with many different combinations of natural ingredients, Jeff came up with a product that worked! He gave it to friends and family and eventually they requested more, so he started selling it under the name “Jeff’s Pit Butter.” Then, three years ago, he rebranded to Humble Brands. humbleblog1.png

Website Goals 

Overall, Humble wanted a site to match its all-natural brand and build a lifestyle around the brand. They lean into their natural roots with nature-inspired scents and web design to match. Their target demographic is heavily mobile users, so an easy to shop mobile site was important. The team at Humble also felt it was important to have a website with a healthy balance of beautiful aesthetics paired with educational content to inform potential new customers the value behind all-natural deodorant. 

Design Decisions 

Humble Brands is run out of an adobe schoolhouse in Taos, New Mexico where all the deodorants are made in small batches. We wanted to lean into the mystique and desert nature of the southwest and pay homage to the headquarters, so throughout the site, you’ll see image treatments, font choices, photography and patterns that tie in the inspiration. 

As an emerging brand, the imagery and build as a whole taking into account the anticipated growth they are hoping to experience both in their products and business. In terms of design, we used lifestyle imagery that spoke to a holistic natural lifestyle. 

With only four ingredients in their products, we wanted to highlight the simplicity of the products that Humble sells in a fun way. Throughout the site you’ll see hovers to share the ingredients, as well as the different scents throughout the homepage, product overview pages, and detail pages. 

eCommerce Website Build

As Humble Brands expects to grow, we wanted to put them on a platform that would allow for the growth in a scalable way - whether it’s more scents for their deodorant, different products, or the ability to expand on their content.


We decided to approach with headless commerce, giving a front seat to the content and design while not having to compromise on the eCommerce power. We built the project on FusionCMS combined with BigCommerce for a lot of power. FusionCMS allows for us immense flexibility with the design, putting the user experience as the top priority to be sure they find the educational content they need without distracting them from making a purchase. We used BigCommerce to allow for a smooth shopping experience and used Rebilla as a way to allow for subscription services. 

Using a CMS allowed us to create other pages with customized design, including how subscriptions work, a store locator, and "Why Humble?" to allow for content that guides users to learn more about subscriptions and the product, as well as find their favorite new deodorant brand in store! humblecbd.png

Selling CBD Products

As CBD infused products grow in popularity, Humble Brands saw the opportunity to add organic hemp CBD to some of their products. We covered a lot about this in a previous blog about selling CBD products, but there's a lot to take into account when selling CBD products. We were happy to help work with the Humble team to make sure they are meeting their requirements, finding the right shipping and payment processors, and providing the right and necessary information before the user makes a purchase. 

To read more about the project as well as an awesome before and after, check out our portfolio page about the website redesign

eCommerce Web Design Custom to Your Business

We're so excited about this project with Humble because we were able to build a custom site around their needs. As they continue to grow we're excited to partner with them and watch their business expand its online presence. 

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