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Jason Shindler Posted by Jason Shindler on March 09, 2020

Some Proven Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics for Your Law Firm's Website

Some Proven Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics for Your Law Firm's Website

Is your law firm website design converting users into clients?

A lot of times when law firms come to us, they’re experiencing frustration with one of three things: it’s hard to edit and make changes on their website, they’re not getting any visitors, or they are getting visitors but they aren’t converting. 

We can help with all three of those, but today let’s focus on a few ways you can make your users convert. First, let’s cover what exactly it means to convert.  

What is a Conversion? 

A conversion, simply put, is when someone visits your website and completes a predesignated goal. For sites that sell things online, this is often making a purchase. When it comes to the service or legal industry, then it’s often having your user contact you through email, form, or a phone call. 

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? 

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, are tactics used specifically to get users to achieve the goal of converting on your website. These depend on the type of business but are done specifically based on your users actions and the goal you’re looking to achieve. 

So without further ado, here’s our five of our favorite conversion rate optimization tactics:

1. Clearly State Your Practice Areas

For most law firms, the reason that someone is on your site is that they are looking to see how you can help them with their legal issue. The first step in this is seeing if your firm practices in the area they need help. If you make it easy to find practice areas - each with a designated landing page and information about them, it can help your users find exactly what they need. If, on the other hand, you have a page called “services” with a long list of services that’s hard to navigate and doesn’t provide much information, it might be too much work for the user and they’ll leave. 

When you clearly lay out your practice areas in your navigation and on your homepage, it makes it much easier to get your users to convert and reach out. 

2. Use Forms on Educational Pages & Blogs

A lot of legal firms share helpful information through their blog or on service pages. One missed opportunity on these pages is including a form right on these pages. Putting a form at the bottom of your page makes it easy for users to reach out if you either were so convincing that now they want to reach out and use your firm, or if they have a question 

3. Produce a Video to Provide Information

As we noted earlier, potential clients are looking to see that the services you offer match what they need. That’s true, but the second thing they’re looking at is the people who are behind the firm, and one of the best ways to do that is through content, especially video. Creating a video might feel intimidating, but it’s a fantastic way to tell people about your firm and really give them a feel for the people at your firm, and it can be as simple as using your phone.

Creating a consumable video is helpful to increase conversions because it can do a lot of work for the user - not only giving them useful information, but also letting them know you can help them, telling them about the firm and building trust. Here's a few of our tips for video marketing for your law firms. 

4. Design Custom to your Firm

If you truly believe that your firm is different, don’t you think your website should be too? If you are offering a unique value proposition to your users, you shouldn’t try to fit that into a predesigned box. When you have a design that is custom to your firm, you’re able to fit your culture, values, and mission comfortably in a box that is designed perfectly for you. 

With a custom design, you’re able to match your branding, tell your story, and differentiate yourself from the competition. If your potential client lands on your website after visiting another with the exact same template, they’re probably going to get the impression that the level of service you’re offering is the same as the other firm. 

Designing specifically for your firm allows for specific calls to action that make sense to your business how you choose for it to be. 

5. Include a Chat Bot for Questions

If your firm tends to get a lot of emails, form submissions, or calls with questions, including a chatbot on your website can be a way to get users further down the funnel and give a great first impression of your firm. With a chatbot on your site, you’re able to be there to answer questions if users have them and quickly put a person behind the website that they’re searching on - something they may not get from other firms. This is an inbound marketing strategy that can help fill your funnel. 

You can also create automated AI responses for after hours that direct users to FAQs, can collect their info, or direct them to specific pages to help. 

We would note, only include this if you’re able to have someone that’s able to answer questions throughout the day like a receptionist or intern. 

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