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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on July 30, 2014

Create Stronger First Impressions by Updating Your Website's Wardrobe

Create Stronger First Impressions by Updating Your Website's Wardrobe

Create Stronger First Impressions by Updating Your Website’s Wardrobe

Updating your website design, keeps visitors coming back.

First impressions mean a lot. And the design of your website is the source of a visitor’s first impressions. It’s like this: Say a job candidate comes to your office for an interview. One is wearing a 10-year-old suit; the other is wearing one from just last year. What will your first impression be of each? Chances are, the second candidate is the one that strikes you as the one more likely to suit your business’s needs. In this way, web design is the wardrobe for your business. Just as staying up to date on fashion creates a better impression, website redesign is an important part of keeping a site fresh, relevant and attractive to potential customers.

Changing Style, Not Personality

Remember that when you update your wardrobe, you don’t change who you are. You simply change your appearance, which can have a strong effect on how other’s perceive you. With web redesign, the same principle applies. Visitors must still recognize you as the same website, but with a fresh new look. Changes should be visually pronounced, take advantage of new user-oriented functionality, but continue offering the same traits that attracted past visitors. Think about what visitors will think when they see the new look AND a new logo. Will they question the site belongs to your business? Don’t change too much at once.

When to Redesign

No one can say exactly when you should redesign, or how often to consider it. But you should have your marketers watch changing trends in web design. Ten years ago, websites tended to be image-sparse to minimize loading times for dial-up users. Today, the slowest of connections is infinitely faster. And because graphics are a powerful tool for grabbing attention, many sites redesigned to take advantage of faster connections, creating visually powerful websites that grab attention. And, now, websites use design to present PC users with a powerful, graphic presentation and mobile users with fewer images, all under a single web design.

If you have a large campaign coming for a product launch, it may be a good time for a redesign to accompany the launch. A change of ownership or new direction in business goals can also spur a successful redesign.

Optimization versus Redesign

Many times, a redesign isn’t necessary. Small changes for usability can make big impacts on user experience. A redesign is more than moving a widget or adding advanced search functionality. A redesign changes to overall look of your site. Only when it becomes apparent that the look and feel of your site has become stale and outdated should you invest in a full redesign.

Design Isn’t Always the Fix

Honestly, no matter how ugly or outdated your site may look, if it performs well, a redesign could hurt traffic. Many design elements affect traffic coming in from search engines. Change the wrong elements and all your hard work is undone. But, if you notice less engagement from visitors, and you’ve ruled out problems with SEO, redesign may be the right choice.

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