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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on April 24, 2011

Designing An Effective Call-to-action

Designing An Effective Call-to-action

Web Design Tips For Online Marketing Success

Call-to-action in web design refers to an element that entreats action from the visitor. Whether you have an eCommerce website, blog, or informational website, an effective call-to-action is essential; it provides focus to the site and directs the visitor as to what it is you’d like them to do. The most common call-to-action is in the form of a clickable button that links to a signup, product page, or contact form.

With only a few short seconds to impress upon a visitor to stay and investigate your website, a clear call-to-action warrants careful planning and design. While each website will have a different goal in mind, following these general guidelines will assist you in designing an effective call-to-action.

Color’s Role In the ‘Scheme’ of Things

The call-to-action needs to stand out from the background and surrounding elements; selecting a contrasting color, preferably bright, will help create visual interest and draw attention. Choose carefully though, you want the call-to-action to be distinguishable, but not so much that it’s an eye sore or conflicts with the overall website design.  

Website Design Maple Valley Chamber CTA Color

Short & Sweet

Keep the wording short and simple. The visitor’s time is valuable, therefore the call-to-action should be clear and make taking action easy.

Include active language such as buy now, sign-up today, or request a quote; it encourages the visitor to act and helps them easily identify the call-to-action when scanning the page.  

Website Design NWWLS CTA Location

Size Matters

In the case of web design hierarchy, bigger is generally better, or at least identifies significance. An element’s size in relation to surrounding elements will indicate priority to the visitor. Determine how important the action is and size your call-to-action accordingly.  

Web Design NaturoMedica CTA Size

Location, Location, Location

In real estate a prime business location is a critical factor in being found by customers; the same goes for the location of your call-to-action. Placing it in a prominent position is crucial to attracting the visitor’s eye; it should be obvious. We would generally expect to see the call-to-action above the fold so it is immediately visible when the visitor enters your site.

Keep placement of call-to-actions consistent throughout the site; visitor’s shouldn’t have to search to find it.

Web Design Dr. Lamperti CTA Location

Give It Space

Overcrowding your call-to-action is sure to lessen its effectiveness. Give it sufficient space to stand out so visitors will be naturally drawn to it and find it easy to read.

Web Design Tree of Life CTA Space

Put Your Call-to-action Design to the Test

While these tips can help in the design of your call-to-action, ultimately the best test will be to publish it to your site and evaluate the results. If you’re an Efelle FusionCMS user, you can utilize the spotlight module to easily upload and link a new call-to-action. With Google Analytics, you can track click patterns and navigational analysis to determine if your call-to-action is effectively drawing visitor's attention & prompting the intended action.

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