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Amanda Eldreth Posted by Amanda Eldreth on July 30, 2010

DEVTALK with Corne - info on META TAGS

DEVTALK with Corne - info on META TAGS 

Since I was looking discussing META TAG information with a new client I figured I would post a quick note for reference.

Meta description:

There’s no actual maximum length on meta descriptions for Google – their only rule is that the description has to be relevant to what’s on the page as far as regular content goes – if it is a good match, they will use it to display in their search results. They do limit the display to the first ~150 characters (usually cut off to the space/dot closest to the 150 character mark).

ALSO: “it's worth noting that while accurate meta descriptions can improve clickthrough, they won't necessarily affect your ranking within search results” (link)

Meta keywords:

META KEYWORDS are more tricky… there’s not a single, simple rule that applies. Many folks think Google completely ignores the keyword section, though there are many clues indicating they do use it. It comes down to having to make sure the keywords are to the point, related to page content, and most of all compact.

What I’m finding on the Google webmaster forums is that recommendations are to keep to 5-10 keywords or keyword phrases, they should match what’s on the page (e.g. don’t put in a bunch of keywords for content that’s not on the page) and really should just touch on the most important highlights of the page content in question link

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