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Sydne Streich Posted by Sydne Streich on July 26, 2022

Do You Need a Logo Refresh or a Complete Logo Redesign?

Do You Need a Logo Refresh or a Complete Logo Redesign?

You likely know just how important a logo can be to your business. Not only is it used on everything from your website to your social media, it’s also a way for you to communicate something about your brand visually.

Think of how clean and modern Apple’s logo is. That already tells you what you can expect from their products. Plus, it’s distinguishable enough so that you’ll always know when you’re dealing with Apple vs. a competitor.

If you feel like your logo doesn’t quite communicate what your company stands for, you might consider a logo refresh or a logo redesign.

But how do you know if you need a refresh or if you need a complete redesign? Let us walk through the difference between the two and why you might want one over the other.

Logo Refresh

Logo refresh design for financial planner

A logo refresh is a great way to modernize your existing logo, make small tweaks, or show the evolution of your brand. With a refresh, you’re keeping the visual integrity of your brand but providing a small evolution.

That could mean a change to the font, colors, or cutting out the excess on your logo.

You’ll want to employ a refresh when your logo is starting to feel outdated or when you’re having trouble using the logo in a variety of places.

For instance, if you used to use your logo on letterhead and now have to adapt to using your logo on social media, you’ll want a different format and size. Your letterhead could do with a horizontal logo, but social media needs something that will stand out in a small circle format.

When you do a logo refresh, you might want to just develop a secondary version of your logo for those other use cases instead of fully redesigning it everywhere. It’s a way to make sure your logo is keeping up with the times and can be used wherever you need it.

For a visual example of a logo refresh, check out how we updated the logos for Eye Associates NW and Cable Hill. Here you can see the more subtle changes that come with a logo refresh.

Logo refresh design for eye care company

Logo Redesign

Logo redesign for home builders

When your logo needs a complete overhaul, a logo redesign is what you’ll want. This is great when you’re working on revamping your business in some way.

Perhaps your target audience has changed, or you’re changing your company name. That can be common for law firms that name new partners or companies who are going through a merger in some form.

Keep in mind that your audience might change generationally as well. Maybe you’ve always targeted 20-year-olds, but that group becomes more predominantly Generation Z instead of Millennials. You won’t always need to adjust for these generational changes, but it’s worth considering if your target audience starts to resonate with different visuals.

For an example of a logo redesign, check out the work we did for Brookstone Homes and TKN Tyson.

Logo redesign for law firm

Which logo design option is best for your business?

If you’re still not sure whether a logo refresh or a logo redesign would be better for your business, feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to help you decide what your brand needs next.